Increased police presence at Oroville Schools due to perceived threat

District taking ‘extreme abundance of caution’

OROVILLE – The Oroville School District announced it will have a greater presence of law enforcement on Tuesday, Feb. 4 due to a perceived student-to-student threat in a text message.

“Yesterday afternoon (Feb. 3) junior high/high school administration was made aware of a perceived student-to-student threat involving images of two pellet guns in a text chain. Law enforcement was immediately notified, who then made contact with involved students and their families. Officers confirmed during their investigation that the student in question did not have access to firearms, and they determined that no legal charges would be brought based on the facts of the case,” writes the district in an email that went out to parents on Tuesday morning.

The district also sent out a text with the notice that the law enforcement presence would be increased instructing parents see the email for further information.

“While the District cannot share details of an investigation when in cooperation with law enforcement, nor share specific information regarding student discipline, please know that the District is effectively addressing student behavior.

“Additionally, in an extreme abundance of caution, the district requested law enforcement presence throughout the day. Staff, students and our local law enforcement should be commended for their swift response and care in managing the safety of our children. A special thank you to the United States Border Patrol and Okanogan County Sheriff Department,” writes the district.

The email notice also wanted to let people know that Oroville School District has been actively training and drilling for emergencies, in addition to taking a lead role in strategic planning for emergencies at a regional level.