Oroville Schools learn what instruments they'll receive from Mr. Holland's

Oroville School Music Director Eric Stiles (far right) accompanies the OHS pep band during the Oroville Hornet Basketball game last Thursday night.

Oroville School Music Director Eric Stiles (far right) accompanies the OHS pep band during the Oroville Hornet Basketball game last Thursday night.

OROVILLE – Music Director Eric Stiles shared the numbers and types of musical instruments the Oroville School District will be receiving through a generous Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation grant during the PTO Town Hall last month.

“We are very blessed to have this miraculous gift. Mr. Holland’s Opus’ mission is to keep music in the schools and they do that through targeting schools that have a need for musical instruments. I was urged to apply by a lot of people,” said Stiles, who added that it was his wife who encouraged him to apply for grants for both the high school and the elementary.

“The gift entails mostly equipment which we will be receiving over the next few months and there is also $1401 for repairs,” said Stiles at the Thursday, Jan. 12 PTO Town Hall. “We are honored that we got everything we asked for, this is like receiving the mega-millions jackpot… this is huge.

“I’m still in shock, the lady called a week ago yesterday. There were a lot of people involved… people praying and sending out positive vibes. I had a lot of help from (Supt.) Steve Quick and both principals.”

The two schools will receive 37 instruments between them totaling $72,000. The elementary will received three trumpets, four flutes, four bell kits, three alto saxophones, one euphonium, one three-quarter tuba, four clarinets, two tenor saxophones, three trombones and two double french horns. In addition the school will receive $351 towards the repair of musical instruments. The junior/senior high school will get $1050 towards repair of musical instruments, as well as three trumpets, four flutes, one drum set, one euphonium, one baritone saxophone, four clarinets, one piccolo, one bass clarinet and one bassoon.

“It should be noted that the award was particularly miraculous in that the foundation did not have to award both of our schools. A separate application was required for each campus. The foundation could have denied one application and only looked at one. They chose to consider both and they made a full award to both,” said the music instructor. “Even a partial award to one school is amazing, but to award both schools everything that was requested is like winning the jackpot! It’s truly remarkable, and we are truly grateful!”

Earlier in the school year Stiles sent out an “SOS” looking for donations of instruments for the elementary school and he said the response of the local community was “amazing” with many people cleaning out their closets of unused instruments and donating them to the school. The repair money will help to fix any instruments at both schools that can be repaired, according to Stiles.

“The grant is really cool, but what’s even better than the grant is that we have Mr. Stiles,” said Supt. Quick.