Stealth Bird 4K Drone Reviews – Scam or Actually Worth It? Know This First!

Are you looking for a drone? The Stealth Bird 4K offers an affordable, high-functional, performance drone with real-time 4K recording. How does it measure up to the competition regarding price, quality, technology, and handling?

Introducing Stealth Bird 4K – Fly Through the Skies with Affordable, Compact Drone Tech

The Stealth Bird 4K drone offers a drone flight experience similar to leading brands and models. There’s an onboard 4K camera recording at 120 fps while taking at 12 MP.

It’s the ideal drone for beginner pilots, featuring sensors to detect objects in the flight path and avoid collisions. The compact design with folding wings fits snugly into the carry case (sold separately), and it’s a great choice for taking on vacation to film aerial shots.

The Stealth bird connects to the controller via WiFi, allowing for convenient and fast setup in minutes and real-time videos. Experience full control of the drone, with no drops in signal.

Regarding performance, the Stealth Bird is responsive and quick, capable of making sharp turns at speed and reaching heights up to 150 feet. The Stealth Bird suits advanced pilots as much as it does beginners.

  • Light and compact with folding wings.
  • Suitable for all pilot skill levels.
  • HD 1080p 4K camera.
  • One-key home return.
  • 3D Flipping function.
  • WiFi Enabled communication to controller.
  • 500-mHh removable battery.

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How to Setup & Operate the Stealth Bird 4K

The Stealth Bird comes with user-friendly operation and fast setup times. Unfold the arms and set up the controller on your phone. Download the pilot app for your phone and monitor the camera view directly through your screen, with full control via the joysticks on the control unit.

Adjust the camera angle and get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings in 4K. Your drone has up to 15 minutes of operating time on a single charge and a range of functions to simplify navigation. The Stealth Bird is simple to learn to fly; even inexperienced operators will get the hang of using it after a few hours.

  • Fly to altitudes of 150 feet.
  • Speedy performance up to 15 feet per second.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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Order Your Stealth Bird 4K from the Official Online Store

The Stealth Bird is available on a special promotional deal, direct from the manufacturer. You get a high-quality, high-performance drone at a fraction of the price you pay for models from leading brands.

The bundle promotion makes these drones so affordable you can give them out as presents for family and friends this holiday season. Every drone comes with the following accessories.

  • Phone-adapted remote control
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charging cable
  • Owner’s manual
  • Additional props

Order one Stealth Bird 4K and pay $99.00 and a small $7.95 shipping fee. (Order total $106.95). Save $50 off the regular retail price of $149.

Order the “Pilot Pack” bundle and get two Stealth Bird Drones for $69.00 each, order a total of $138, and save $176 or 56% off the regular retail price of $314.00. Free shipping is included with your order.

For the best value, we recommend going with the four-drone bundle. This package is ideal for companies with multiple drones for surveys, etc.

Order the four-drone bundle and pay $59.00 each (Order total $236). Save $207 off the regular retail price of $443. Free shipping is included.

When you checkout with your Stealth Bird bundle, you can take an extended drone warranty for $29.95. You get complete protection for your drone for three years from the date of purchase.

You can also buy a drone travel case for $8.99. Pack your drone while traveling and protect it from damage.

The official Stealth Bird 4K online store accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and G-Pay payments.

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Stealth Bird 4K – FAQ

Q: Is Stealth Bird 4K available from Amazon or online retailers?

A: No. The Stealth Bird is only available directly from the manufacturer through the official online store. This means you don’t have an intermediary adding markup to the deal. So, you get the best price and a guaranteed product.

Q: Do I get a guarantee with Stealth Bird 4K?

A: Yes. The Stealth Bird comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If your drone doesn’t perform as advertised, send it back for a full refund. You get a 60-day free drone trial and a one-year warranty on your purchase.

Q: How does Stealth Bird 4K compare to drones from leading brands?

A: According to reviews from verified buyers on the site, the Stealth Bird offers the same performance as drones from leading brands. It has great handling, loads of built-in features, and excellent camera quality. You get all of that in a package that’s a fraction of models from leading drone companies.

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Q: Is Stealth Bird 4K water resistant?

A: No. The Stealth Bird is not designed to fly in the rain or land in the water. It has no water-resistance rating. Don’t fly in the rain; you’ll damage the drone’s internal components.

Q: Can I fly Stealth Bird 4K in high wind conditions?

A: It’s best to avoid flying the drone in high winds. While the Stealth Bird can compensate for small gusts and decent wind speeds, strong gusts might blow it out of the air. It’s best to fly in low wind conditions, especially if you don’t have any drone flight experience.

Q: Is Stealth Bird 4K legal to fly in United States airspace?

A: Yes. You can fly the Stealth Bird in the United States. However, you must pay attention to regulations and no-fly zones, such as those around public infrastructure and airports.

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