Pass Your Test Reviews (Scam or Is PassYourTest.com Worth It?) UPDATE

You might consider getting tested again if you’ve been into weed detox for the last six months. But, don’t worry about that, because our research and editorial team have found the solution for you!

Pass Your Test provides safe and effective ways to pass drug tests, including urine and saliva tests. Whether you need a quick fix for a few days or a more long-term solution, Pass Your Test has various detox products to help you pass a test.

When you think about passing an upcoming drug test, it’s not something that happens daily. Many people fail their drug tests, and you must know what you can do to pass your test. So, let’s get started and see what Pass Your Test offers.

Pass Your Test was founded in 2000 by an ex-felon with a passion for helping people pass their drug tests. The company was created after he realized how many people were being failed by a drug testing company, unaware of the latest research in the field of drug testing.

Pass Your Test is the right platform that has been helping people pass their drug tests for years. If you want to learn more about Pass Your Test, read our full review and see what you can do to get help with your drug test.

What is Pass Your Test?

Pass Your Test’s goal is to help people pass their drug tests. They use a unique formula that allows users to pass drug tests and stay clean. Pass Your Test’s detox kits are created to help you pass your drug test and are shipped quickly to your home or office. All of their products are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, and they have a 30 days warranty on their products.

The company manufactures Nutra Cleanse products such as detox kits, teas, cleansing kits, and test boosters. The company has successfully helped thousands of people pass their upcoming drug tests, and many have shared their stories about the company. If you are planning to pass your drug test, then Pass Your Test is the right place to be.

Pass Your Test has been helping people pass their drug tests for a long time. The brand has a wide range of products and detox programs to help you pass a drug test. Most importantly, all Pass your test products are manufactured under FDA-certified GMP labs.

All Nutra Cleanse products are backed by science, and according to Pass Your Test reviews on the official website, customers love them! Pass Your Test offers detox products manufactured by Nutra Cleanse, a renowned name in the Detox space.

Understanding Nutra Cleanse Detox Products

Nutra Cleanse is a company dedicated to providing a safe and effective way to detoxify the body without using drugs or harsh chemicals. They make various high-quality products, from meal plans to detox programs. Many of their products are made with natural ingredients that are safe for the body.

There are many reasons why someone would want to test their urine for THC metabolites and nicotine. They may be testing for a job, a court order, or a criminal record. These tests can be done in less than 10 minutes, and the results are usually accurate. These kits will help you get started on the right foot when taking a drug test.

All Nutra cleanse cleansing products are made with natural ingredients. Some products also include milk thistle extract, pure cranberry juice extract, and other potent ingredients proven to remove unwanted toxins from the body. In addition, they also have drug test kits and drug test strips that allow conducting a home drug test.

Anyone looking to pass a drug test can use home testing kits. The home drug test kit can be ordered online, and you can test yourself or have a friend or family member who wants to pass a drug test. All Nutra Cleanse detox products are manufactured under FDA-certified GMP labs.

Whether you are looking to pass a urine test or a saliva test, all Nutra cleanse products are best to eliminate toxins without any side effects.

Pass Your Test Products

Pass Your Test products are the most effective natural way to pass a drug test. They contain ingredients that help clear the body of drugs and toxins. Using Pass Your Test products is safe and effective for passing a drug test because they have only natural substances. The company offers free shipping on all products.

Let’s look at the Nutra Cleanse products provided within each category:

Same Day Cleansers
  • Clean Caps
  • Clean Shots
  • Fail-Safe Kit
Permanent Cleansers
  • 5-day Extreme Detoxification Program
  • 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program

Same Day Cleanse

The Nutra Cleanse cleansing products are considered to be ‘Same Day Cleansers‘ because they contain unique pre-cleanse formula capsules and drinks that help eliminate toxins a few hours after consumption. This is in contrast to most cleansers which you need to wait at least two hours before you can notice any detoxification effects.

These products are made from natural ingredients tested and proven to work well for detoxing the body. They will cleanse the skin while keeping the body hydrated, which will help you feel better. While we talk about same-day cleansers, the following are the favored products:

Name Clean Caps Clean-Shot Fail-Safe Kit
Price $49.95 $59.95 $89.95
Exposure Light to Moderate Moderate to Heavy Heavy to extreme
Body Weight Less than 130 lbs Less than 200 lbs More than 200 lbs
Formulation Detox Capsules Detox Drink Capsules and Drink
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days


The Clean-Shot detox drink is a detoxifying drink formulated with natural ingredients such as green tea extracts and plant extracts to lower your toxin levels temporarily. Clean Shot is an easy-to-drink detox drink that comes in a 2.5 fluid oz bottle to help rid your body of unwanted toxins within 90 minutes of consumption. The Clean shot is ideal for people with a moderate to a high level of toxin exposure who need a product to ensure they are free from toxins.

Clean Shot is a new product that works by neutralizing and eliminating the toxins in the body. It also improves your liver’s function and can even help you lose weight.

This product is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that help flush out toxins from your body. It is essential to keep toxins out of your body to help you feel energized and well-rested. There are no reported negative reviews on this product. Like other same-day cleansers, this product takes 60 to 90 minutes to start working.

The tablet, drink, and cleansing coach works together to get you to be fresh and toxin-free within less than an hour and a half. The effects of this product can last up to 6 hours which can be suitable for people looking to clear a drug test.

This is a supplement that will help you get rid of belly fat, and it does so in a natural way.

Clean Caps

The Clean Caps is another Nutra Cleanse product that can remove unwanted toxins from your body. It is also an excellent supplement to help cleanse toxins and heavy metals in your body, boost energy and detoxify your system.

The Clean Caps contain a proprietary blend of organic ingredients, including Nettle Root, which has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the blood and liver. These pre-cleanse formula capsules are an excellent addition to your Same-day Cleanse detoxification program.

Clean Caps are an excellent option for anyone who wants to feel better without using dangerous chemicals. It is also effective for people who want to lose weight or detoxify their bodies.

Clean Caps are designed to help eliminate toxins from your body within 60 minutes of consumption. Its effects can last up to 5 hours, making it ideal for someone looking to pass a drug test on the same day. These come in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.

Fail-Safe Kit

The Fail-Safe Kit is the best way to get rid of the toxins from your body. It’s a great way to detoxify your body and keep it clean. The Fail-Safe Kit is an absolute must-have for all people who want to make their lives better and healthier. It contains Clean Shot, Clean Caps, and a detox guide.

The Fail-Safe Kit is an easy-to-use kit that helps you pass your drug test. It is specially designed for people with heavy to extreme exposure, smoking weed, or using drugs daily. This kit comes under the category of same-day cleansers because the capsules and detox drinks that come in the kit start their effects in 60 minutes and last up to 6 hours.

The Fail-Safe Kit includes two products that are guaranteed to clean your body without the need for dangerous chemicals. This kit has been designed to cleanse your body safely and is the ultimate choice for those who are overweight or consume large quantities of drugs.

Permanent Cleansers

You can use the same method as the Same Day Cleanse to help you pass your drug test, but if you want to go beyond that, Pass Your Test also offers Permanent Cleansers, each of which comes with its drug test kit. This is the best way to ensure that your test results are clean because Permanent Cleanse products are designed to be taken before taking the drug test and are also easy to use.

Permanent cleansers are an effective way to remove harmful toxins from your body permanently. If you have used the same-day cleanser before, you know how much work it is to eliminate those toxins. But Permanent Cleanse is different because it removes the toxins from your body naturally, rather than forcing your body to flush out the toxins within the same day.

If you are looking for a safe way to cleanse your body permanently from harmful toxins, we recommend you use these products. These products are formulated to purify your system, eliminate toxins, and help detoxify your body and keep it healthy. The products are made with only the highest quality ingredients; the best part is that the company stands behind the products 100%.

Pass Your Test offers the most effective natural detoxification program under permanent cleansers. The 5-day and 10-day programs are designed to cleanse the body and remove toxins from your body. The 5-day detoxification program is ideal for those who want to detoxify their bodies for a few days or a week. The 10-day program is recommended for those who want to detoxify their bodies for a month and more.

The Permanent Cleanse offers two different detoxification programs, which are as follows:

Name of the program 5-day Extreme Detoxification Program 10-day Ultra Detoxification Program
Price $109.95 $149.95
Exposure Light, Moderate, and Heavy Heavy to Extreme
Body Weight Less than 200 lbs More than 200 lbs

5-day Extreme Detoxification Program

With the 5-day extreme detoxification program, you’ll feel better and cleaner. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your overall health and energy level.

You will receive all the materials you need to complete your 5-day program and an email with all instructions on how to complete the program. You will also receive two drug test strips to do a home drug test after completing your 5-day journey.

This program is meant to help people who want to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. It helps them kick their addiction by boosting their body’s natural detoxification process.

Using this program, you can permanently eliminate toxins from your body. This program comes with a meal plan, detox guide, detox capsules, and detox drinks. It is one of the best detoxification programs that has helped more than 2,50,000 people to flush toxins from their bodies and clean their bodies permanently.

10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program

This program is designed to help you detoxify your body and flush out the toxic waste that builds up in your body over time. You can get rid of that junk stored in your cells for over a decade by using an all-natural, whole-food approach to detoxifying. You will also experience various other health benefits, including improved digestion, elimination of pain and inflammation, increased energy, mental clarity, and improved skin, hair, and nails.

A 10-day detoxification program is a comprehensive approach to cleaning your body from the inside out. It’s designed to support your body’s natural detoxification process by providing the right foods, beverages, and supplements that will help to flush toxins out of your system.

This 10-day detox program has detox capsules, a meal plan, a detox guide, and three home testing kits in a kit.

Total Body Cleanse

You may think, “I don’t have time to do a full-blown detox.” But with the Total Body Cleanse, you don’t have to worry about that. This kit includes everything you need to get started, including cleansing drinks, cleansing shampoos, home testing kits, and more. This kit will help you begin your journey to a toxin-free body.

The best thing about this Total Body Cleanse kit is that you can mix and match the products. So, you can use the first kit for your daily detoxification and the second kit for your deeper cleanse.

This program comes with a cleansing coach that will help you pass your test, and a detox guide will help you thoroughly on how to eliminate unwanted toxins naturally. The Total Body Cleanse Program leaves your body permanently cleansed. It is suitable to pass hair, blood, and urine tests.

Name of the product Extreme Total Body Cleanse Ultra Total Body Cleanse Folli-Clean Shampoo
Price $179.95 $219.95 $99.95
Exposure Light, Moderate, and Heavy Heavy to Extreme All Levels
Body Weight Less than 200 lbs More than 200 lbs For all people

Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program

The Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program is designed to help you cleanse your body of toxins, lose weight, and detoxify naturally. It also enables you to prepare for drug testing.

The kit includes a cleansing coach guidebook that teaches you how to use these products best to get clean and flush out unwanted toxins. People with low body fat and light drug exposure can consider using the Extreme detoxification program to remove toxins from the body and stay clean.

Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program

The Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program is designed for people who want to cleanse their bodies, lose weight, and detoxify from harmful environmental chemicals. It is a simple, effective, and proven way to achieve all these goals.

The kit is designed to give users an idea of what their urine sample might look like. The kit is designed to help users understand that even if they use marijuana or nicotine regularly, they may not have any symptoms of addiction. The kit will help them know how to keep their use under control. This program comes under permanent cleansers, as it will help you eliminate unwanted toxins permanently.

The detailed detox guide and a meal plan added in this kit take you a step forward to stay healthy and clean.

Cleansing Shampoo

To clear out toxins from your hair, you need a detox shampoo. This shampoo will cleanse your hair of toxins and leave it feeling soft and manageable.

You can also use detox products on your hair. However, if you are taking a hair test, you want to ensure that your hair is clean and that your scalp is well-cleaned. If not, toxins will be trapped in the hair and can contaminate the sample.

Cleansing shampoos are an essential part of cleansing your hair and scalp. They help you cleanse and remove any unwanted impurities and THC metabolites. These shampoos are specially formulated to help you cleanse and remove the build-up of dead cells in your scalp and hair. Cleansing Shampoos also help promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Folli-Clean Shampoo

Folli-Clean Shampoo is our most popular cleanser, and the reason is simple: it works. Unlike many other shampoos on the market, Folli Clean shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping it. It’s the best shampoo for those who want a natural and gentle approach to washing their hair and scalp and want to pass a hair follicle test.

If you’re like most people, your body is overloaded with toxins. And it’s not just from all the food you eat but also from the air you breathe, the products you use daily, the environment, and the way you live your life.

This shampoo is designed to not only clean your hair but also to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are on the scalp. It works by absorbing excess oil and dirt while stimulating the scalp.

This cleanse shampoo will remove unwanted toxins from your hair in 60 minutes, and its effects last up to 24 hours. The cleansing coach and detailed instruction guide included with Folli Clean shampoo will help you pass a hair drug test easily. As it works 24 hours, it is suitable for people looking for same-day cleansers.

Home Testing Kits

There are many different home testing kits on Pass your test’s official website, ranging from very simple to highly complicated. The home drug test kits they sell are straightforward and effective. They are easy to use and give accurate results in 5 minutes. They are confident that the home testing kits they sell will provide you with accurate results and offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Additionally, the website page for home testing kits is full of positive reviews regarding accuracy and usage.

These three types of home testing kits that you can find on Pass Your Test are:

Name Single Panel THC Home Drug Test Kit Test-O-Meter THC Home Drug Test Kit Nicotine Testing Kit
Price $19.95 $24.95 $19.95
Detection Level THC above the level of 50 ng/mL THC 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng/ML test levels Nicotine above the level of 50 ng/mL

Single Panel THC Home Test Kit

The single panel THC home test kit is the most accurate method to determine if someone has recently smoked cannabis. The THC content of the cannabis plant is measured in nanograms (ng) per milliliter (ml).

The Single Panel THC home test kit is 99% accurate. It will detect the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The Single Panel THC home test kit will tell you if there is more than 50ng/mL of THC in your urine. This test kit will not detect any level of alcohol in your system.

Test-O-Meter THC Home Test Kit

This test kit is perfect for anyone who wants to test their urine or saliva for drugs. It’s also helpful if you have friends who might be using drugs and want to try them.

The Test-O-Meter THC home test kit is a multi-panel testing kit that can test for different levels of THC. It is said to be one of the best instant home testing kits and has an accuracy rating of 99%.

Nicotine Testing Kit

The nicotine test can be done at home, and the nicotine testing kit has instructions to make it easy to get accurate results. This test is practical and a great educational tool for people who want to know if they are addicted to nicotine. This kit detects Nicotine above the level of 50 ng/mL.

Nicotine is the most toxic chemical found in cigarettes, and it is also a powerful stimulant and addictive substance. If your home tests tested positive, then you need to get help. You can get help from a doctor or a physician, but if you can’t afford to see a doctor, you can get help from a drug addiction treatment center.

How to use Home Testing Kits?

While you are worried about how to use home testing kits available on the website of Pass Your test, do not worry and follow the steps below:

  • Remove the cap and immerse the strip into a cup of urine.
  • Take the strip out after the “C” line appears
  • Put the cap back on and lay it on a flat surface
  • Read results at 5 minutes

Pass Your Test- Refund Policy

The company’s primary goal is to provide quality learning materials to help you pass your test. The company wants to ensure that its customers are satisfied with its detox products. The company offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days because they know the products work well. If unsatisfied, contact Pass Your Test’s customer care, and the company will refund your money.

Pass Your Test Conclusion

Pass Your Test is a reputable company that provides a wide range of drug testing solutions at a fraction of the price of other companies. The company’s kits are available in many forms, from detox teas to meal plans. Their quality is excellent, and the products are well-designed, easy to use, and affordable.


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