The economy is terrible – but it's not Obama's fault

Unemployment jumped again last month as the anemic economy refused to follow the direction of our President. According to the denier in chief, our economy is encountering “strong headwinds.” He is now blaming our sick economy on natural disasters, Greece, high gas prices and cost cutting by state governments for the situation.

The real problem is Obama. It is his policies that are exacerbating the problem. He cancelled drilling in the Gulf which reduced our domestic supplies, cost thousands of American jobs and caused the latest spike in prices. His programs to punish Wall Street with more government regulation continues to drive American businesses off shore. And his class warfare of taking from the rich to give to the poor is what is causing uncertainty among those who provide the real jobs in this country.

The first step in solving any problem is to honestly examine the issues and recognize that what you are doing isn’t working. Apparently, our President is incapable of that kind of introspection.

Obama has surrounded himself with like-minded, political theorists who have no practical experience. A classic example is his choice of Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury. Geithner is a graduate of Dartmouth with an A.B. in government and Asian Studies and an M.A. in international economics from John Hopkins. Geithner grew up in Zimbabwe, Zambia, India and Thailand. He has never run a for-profit business or apparently spent much time trying to understand free market economics.

Geithner was head of the New York Federal Reserve and the one who declared if the U.S. didn’t implement the Troubled Asset Relief Program the economy of the world would collapse. After years of his failed economic “leadership” he continues to promise economic doom if we don’t increase the debt limit and borrow more money to prop up his programs that are not working.

Many conservatives are beginning to ask if the Obama administrations economic policies are the result of their ignorance or whether they are intentional. Given the background of people like Geithner it does cause one to wonder if there isn’t a plan to destroy the American economy and then to take over the country with a communist regime supported by communist China. When one looks at the history of the relationships between some of these people that theory is not really as radical as it might appear. Consider for example, that Tim Geithner’s father Peter once oversaw an Indonesian program developed by one Ann Dunham Soetoro. That’s right, Obama’s mother.

One thing should be absolutely clear at this point. Obama is bound to “fundamentally change” the economy of the United States. Whether that change is because of his economic ignorance or his ideology is uncertain speculation. What should be clear to everyone however is this country cannot survive four more years of this administration. Any of the current crop of challengers would be preferable to Obama.