Please show support at next Fire District meeting

Dear Editor,

Thoughts concerning Fire District 16. Thoughts, comments, questions. These are the questions I ask our firefighters at the end of most of our training nights. It is also the questions I have been asking myself over the past few weeks in regards to our Fire District. I just do not understand how something that was so well intentioned has gone so terribly wrong.

In response to Gordon Smith, you’re absolutely correct. The voters elected your Commissioners. However it’s time to let them do the job they were elected to do. Please remain quiet during the meeting. There is important work that needs their attention. Hold your comments and questions until the comment period. Be positive, be part of the solution. Help your Fire District be the best district in the state.

In response to Jan Smith, what a sad, dark, negative outlook on life. To think a community would be better off without its firefighters is something I just cannot understand. Aeneas Valley has 21 dedicated volunteer firefighters who have and are spending hundreds of their own dollars and untold hours of their own time to provide the citizens of Aeneas Valley with the best fire protection possible. Like my fellow firefighters, I believe community service is a worthwhile endeavor.

I have not asked my fellow firefighters, however, I firmly believe like me, they would follow our Fire Chief Tim Kenyon to any fire or emergency response with the belief he has the leadership, commitment and skills required of a Fire Chief.

We need the support of the other Fire Districts and Fire Agency’s. Please show your support at the next Fire District 16 Commissioners meeting.

Skip McKenzie

Captain/Training Officer

Okanogan Co. Fire

District 16