Only hope is an intelligent president, Democratic Congress

Dear Editor,

March 19, 2003 saw the starting of the most brutal war, wasteful spending and irresponsible borrowing in the U.S. history. The Bush Government’s false accusation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was the justification, which we now know was a lie.

Now, five year later we have the highest national debt, killed many people (both Iraqi’s and American) and created an uncontrolled civil war with no end in sight. The economy is in recession with inflation and the threat of increasing unemployment, while the President gives false promises.

The smarter portion of the population is against the war and would like to get out of it. Only the confused Republicans are supporting it, trying to win it. The only hope we have is an intelligent president and Democratic Congress to correct this appalling situation.

As John McCain has the Republican nomination there will be blood for many years, as Bush wants to win in Iraq. Unless Democratic victory stops it.

Frank and Margaret Ping