Movie may not be what it seems

To all you parents out there, I desperately hope you will not take your kids to see “The Golden Compass” showing at the theater. I know it looks like a good, exciting, story of adventure. I’m sure it is, but the problem is where it comes from.

The author of a book trilogy called “His Dark Materials” is a self proclaimed atheist named Phillip Pullman. BBC News (he is British) said “Pullman’s acclaimed His Dark Materials trilogy tells of a battle against the church and a fight to overthrow God.” The Golden Compass is a watered down version of the first book. He is hoping, I am sure, that the kids will see the movie and want the books. All good and well, except this isn’t another Harry Potter. In the second book,” The Subtle Knife” an ex nun (one of the good guys in the movie) calls Christianity a “powerful and convincing mistake” and throws her crucifix into the sea. In the 3rd book of this trilogy, “The Amber Spyglass” a young girl and boy set out and kill the “Authority” also called God. They even call him Yahweh. The first of these movies may seem innocent enough, but the author isn’t innocent in his intentions.

Even those parents who may not believe in God may consider the fact that God is also called the “Authority” – otherwise you. For more information you can go to

Brenda Ryan