Mine the ocean not the mountain

I listened to an interview recently on Canadian radio (CBC) with a man who described the Nautilus Project for Undersea Mining. He said massive deposits of gold, copper and zinc have been located in the oceans and that mining these deposits will be fully functioning by 2010. In two years!

He also stated that the technology for undersea mining has already been developed, that the whole process is less expensive and far less intrusive and damaging to the planet and that several major mining companies have already invested in the project.

He called undersea mining a “whole new industry” that will make mining the ground a thing of the past.

I am not Internet connected but anyone who is should be able to Google the Nautilus Undersea Mining Project for more information.

The Kinross mining project in the Okanogan Highlands risks damage to the water, air, wildlife, peace and character of this unusually beautiful and well-loved area. If harvesting gold, copper and zinc can be done without these risks let us hope those with the power to do so will make ethical choices.


Rusty Haydon