Getting lost can be rewarding in itself

I am not a member of the National Organization for Women, but in my 80 years have observed men professionally as well as non. I enjoyed publisher Bill Forhan’s article and wish to respond with my “tidbits.”

We have a bicameral brain (two-chambered). The right brain sees in pictures in contrast to thinking in words. It is also capable of photographic memory. It is able to see events and grasp the whole overall picture at once in an instant.

The left brain sees things in a logical vertical progression through logic-building, fact on fact while the right brain sees things horizontally, the whole picture at once.

When complicated problems elude solution and objective thinking does not resolve, is when the right brain kicks in to give unexpected insight…perhaps this is what “kicked in” when Mrs. Forhan suggested making “three rights” to get you back to the starting point. Getting back to a starting point may well prevent meandering about.

DeWvoid of maternal instincts one can and often offers help when one does not have expertise. It is, after all, human nature to want to ease another’s burden. I believe going ’round in a circle is certainly a wiser choice than going aimlessly or in a straight line, which may take you not to your desired endpoint.

No one wants to appear unknowing. We all try to put ourselves in the best light when confronting others to ask directions or for any other purpose.

As far as men being natural explorers — well perhaps. I do believe most of the exploration is to find how best to get away with having to do anything…and only when forced, pushed or compelled by any other means to do anything.

I hardly would attach male pride to reluctance in telling another male that he is lost. All men fit the same mold and most are “lost” in many areas other than only in direction. Lost in recognizing that women have better perception for details in resolving problems.

After all is said and done, we all know that to get lost is also the beginning of finding our way. At the age of 80, having limited sense of direction, a city girl from the “Big Apple” who would get lost when she arrived to reside in this remote area, would get lost just going around the house; lost if I just closed my eyes. I say to you, Dear Mr. Forhan, drop the pride and give thanks to your Mrs. The “Circle” was the best idea. Gadgets such as the GPS stop the eternal debate between the sexes. Scrap it…nonsense. I’m for continuing “exploration” when lost. You never will know what you’ll find and best of all, you don’t have to admit you are lost. Getting lost often rewards us with surprising finds.

Marya Silverthorn