Don't want to be shortest or slowest

Dear editor,

“Here is a bare tail”

“Says Dennis the Menace” Grizzlies are carnivorous: flesh and blood “yours” when they evolve in the spring: look at the pictures in Aug. 23 Gazette, that’s flesh. He said lots of feed in the Pasayten; said they did a study on whole $$, and I was told I was a troublemaker, so were Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett, etc., now Bill Petry.

Stay tuned, 308, 3006, oh yes pepper spray 30′ we had a demo.

The bears are protected, but we can protect ourselves if attacked, all encounters are attacks!

Said narrator bears will come to orchards when they run out of other food.

Dennis lets you form a trip so you can point out all the different feed on the Crest Trail or off. What do you think God thought when you said one breed has evolved?

Look how the bear in the Gazette-Tribune catches fish. Long claws and teeth have a purpose, said they can run as fast as a horse. Not when dead. Heather you can enter this debate or discussion at any time.

When in a group and you encounter a Grizzly you don’t want to be the shortest or the slowest, so choose your company.

Daniel in the Grizzly area,

Bill Petry