Chesaw business owners asset to community

Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on a letter submitted to your newspaper concerning the policy of the Chesaw Tavern requiring UPS and FedEx customers to pay a fee to retrieve their parcels.

Floor space in the Chesaw Store is non-existent and limited in the Chesaw Tavern. The tavern owners requested that customers pick up their parcels promptly. This was not respected. Parcels were strewn across the floor impeding patron progress, blocking the coffee bar and generally interfering with the efficient function of the business. The charge was levied as an inducement to customers to remove their parcels quickly.

The tavern exudes and ambiance that is warm and inviting. I do not relish socializing in a U-Store-It facility.

The Chesaw Store and Tavern consistently provide many services to the community. These services include snow plowing the grounds of the church and Knob Hill Home Economics Club, without charge.

A generous donation is made to the Chesaw Highlands Activity Club for the children’s Christmas party and gifts.

The Chesaw AmVets Post #69 receives monetary donations as well as the use of the tavern kitchen for fundraiser dinners.

The tavern/store owners are a valued asset to our community.

Maureen L. Kelly