Robert 'Bob' Arthur Grover

Bob Grover
Bob Grover

Robert Arthur Grover, better known to his friends and family as “Bob,” was born to Charles and Bessie Grover on October 4, 1929 in Albany, New York. Bob went to heaven on November 6, 2013.

Bob started his career off as a chauffeur in New York. He later became a short-haul truck driver which became his passion. During this time he married the love of his life, Adeline Vera Roy, in 1954 on Valentine’s Day. Shortly thereafter, they decided to take a venture to California to be

closer to Adeline’s family. They settled in a cozy home in Santa Ana, Calif. Bob continueddriving truck, delivering asphalt until he retired.

Bob and Adeline enjoyed the simple life and fishing and gardening. They did not have children during their married life, however, they loved all the children in the neighborhood. Several of them, Aurora (Aurie) Magallanes and Bethany Hernandez were still in touch with Bob until his passing. They wrote him many letters and sent lots of pictures. Bob talked very highly of this family and loved Aurie and Bethany so much.

Bob’s sweet Adeline who he adored passed away in 1988. Bob continued to enjoy family in California. At Thanksgiving he would always bring flowers to the cook, his niece Lea, in appreciation of the great dinner.

Bob loved his cars, trucks and was especially interested in small engines. He graduated from Foley-Belsaw Institute in 1999 with a diploma in small engine service and repair. This became his hobby and he gladly fixed all the neighbors’ lawn mowers.

Bob soon had a new chapter in his life in 2002- Oroville, Washington. His many friends in Oroville became a family to him. Bob continued tinkering with small engines and during the winter he would attach a snow blade to his riding lawn mower. He went all over the neighborhood plowing driveways showing his kindness to many. What a nice surprise after a long day’s work to come home to a cleared off driveway. Hmmmm… Bob must have been

here. Bob was always helping neighbors and friends. He was the kind of man that would /(give

you the shirt off his back.”

Bob became close friends with his neighbor Mae Hill and her nephew Earl Hill. What a great friendship they shared! Many years later, Bob took care of Mae so she could be at home during her illness. After a year or so of care giving, Mae passed away. Bob remained close friends with

Earl and continued on with life, always making jokes and putting a smile on our faces. He will be missed by many!

Bob was preceded in death by his parents Charles and Bessie Grover, his brother Charles Grover and wife Adeline Grover. He is survived by his nieces Lea Walker and Maureen Halverson; nephews Doug Walker and Jack Walker all of California; his brother Leslie Grover and niece Crystal Roberts of Washington.