Payten Bennet

Payten Bennet

Payten Bennet

Payten Bennet who was born in September of 2008 passed away last week.

I want to tell you a story about a little girl who has touched everyone she met. Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending for her. Her name is Payten Elaine Bennett, she is three-years-old and the best thing that God has ever given me. Payten was born Sept. 20, 2008 to me, Ashley Fox, and her dad, Jared Bennett. She was the prettiest baby that we had ever laid our eyes on. Her grandparents are Lori Sawyer, JW Fox, Meg Lange and John Bennett.

Payten was the most precious gift any parent could ask for. Her bright blue eyes and smile could warm your heart from a mile away. She loved everyone she met, and everyone who met her loved her just as much. She was a bright little girl who had a lot to offer this world. But unfortunately we will never know due to a tragic accident that could have happened to anyone, anytime anywhere.

Payten was brought to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital ICU on Dec. 2, 2011 after being stabilized for transport at North Valley Hospital in Tonasket. Payten, even though she was my light and reason for life, was declared brain dead on Dec. 3, 2011.

A heartbreaking and life shattering thing for any parent to hear and to see. It’s so unbelievable to think that my 3 year old will never get to see how much she means to me, nor will I get to see her pretty blue eyes or her bright smile. I will never get to hear her voice again. But Payten’s dad and I have chosen to help other little boys and girls get a second chance that mine never had, by donating life. We are donating her organs to other little kids, her heart is going to a 4 year old boy in Utah, her liver to a 1 one year old here in Washington and her kidneys will be going to someone else. Her death is very sad and tragic but with it comes hope that another child gets to live. I know that this was the right thing to do because it’s what Payten would want; she was a caring and loving angel that no one will forget.

I want to thank the EMTs, Police Chief Rob Burks, the entire staff at North Valley Hospital and at Sacred Heart for helping us and giving Payten one last fighting chance. She will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. Not a day will go by without us thinking about our Precious Payten. I love you lots Payten, Momma.

A memorial service is being held on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 1 p.m. at the Tonasket High School Commons.