Leona Longanecker

Leona Longanecker, formerly of Tonasket, Wash., died Sept. 26, 2021. She was born in Hanna, Oklahoma on Nov. 16, 1935.

Leona Longanecker

Leona Longanecker

Leona Longanecker passed away on September 26, 2021. She was born in Hanna, Oklahoma on November 16, 1935.

Leona initially started teaching elementary school in Delano, California, then taught in Loomis, Washington and later in Tonasket, Washington.

She loved encouraging students to be curious, to learn and to pursue their interests. Both students and staff were inspired by her. Some students even continued their education and became teachers themselves because of Leona’s influence.

Leona enjoyed helping others and was active in her community. After her retirement, she became a hospice volunteer for 12 years and later helped at the local food bank. She also enjoyed gardening, yoga, attending S.A.I.L. classes and was an active member in the Brethren Church.

Leona found a new family at Blossom Valley. She truly flourished and could often be found helping staff with projects, straightening the library and puzzle area, encouraging others to participate in activities, planting flowers in the spring and going for walks around the building.

The activity she was most proud of was doing the Devotional Readings. Her background as a teacher and her strong spiritual faith made her a natural. She often had a group of residents in her room sharing the Bible and their experiences.

Leona is survived by her siblings, Joseph Hancock and Clara Woodson. She is also survived by son, Paul Stark (grandson, Eric) and son Brent Stark (wife, Ande).

Leona was truly a woman of service. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed.