David Leo Peterson

David Leo Peterson was born in Tonasket, the known center of the universe, on Dec. 31, 1944 to Joy and Leo Peterson, loving parents who gave him a safe early life.

After completing a BA in English in 1962 at Seattle Pacific University he spent two years in the Army including a “vacation” in Germany for 18 months. Life was a “circus” with his three beloved children, Sara, Sam and Isaac.

The very center of his life was his hard-won union with the ‘Holy One’ and prayer life. He was so very thankful for his years working at the VA from 1972 onward as a rating specialist and hearing officer which he did with great passion, especially working claims for combat vets and former POW’s.

Overall he believed that his life turned out to be so very much better and far above his expectations: ‘Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor can we comprehend the things that the Holy One prepares for those who love him!’