Dale Owen Rise

Dale Owen Rise, 80, of Lakewood, NY, died Nov. 11, 2021. Dale was born in Molson, Wash. on Aug. 30, 1941, the son of Olie and Jessie Rise.

Dale Owen Rise

Dale Owen Rise, 80, of Lakewood, New York, passed away peacefully in his home on November 11, 2021. Dale was born in Molson, Washington on August 30, 1941, the son of Olie and Jessie Rise.

His father emigrated from Norway at the age of five, then later established his own homestead near Oroville, Washington. Dale grew up on the family farm, along with his six brothers and sisters, where he earned the lifelong reputation of being a ‘stubborn farm boy’ (of which his family loved to remind him!).

In his twenties, after serving in the Army, Dale moved to Alaska. There he worked as a site supervisor for ITT in the White Alice Communications System, which was located on the remote islands of the Aleutian Chain.

In 1973, Dale married Margaret Alley Mattson (dec. 4/15/21) in Anchorage, Alaska.

Dale loved to fly and Alaska provided the perfect opportunity for this. He piloted a small Cessna, where he enjoyed flights to lakes and rivers for fishing excursions. He loved being outdoors.

Dale was able to build or fix almost anything. He had a passion for (or a honey-do list for?) doing creative home improvement projects.

In 1976, Dale and family relocated from Alaska to Bend, Oregon, where he spent time running a small business while extensively remodeling the family home and surrounding land. In 1986 they moved to the Seattle area where Dale worked for many years as facilities manager for Physio-Control in Redmond, Washington. After retirement, Dale and Margaret enjoyed their sunset years on the east coast.

Dale is survived by adult children, Scott (nope, not Drew Barrymore) Rise, Erica (Wayne) Quattrone, Barbie (Craig) Mattson Rise, Gregg (Caren) Mattson and George (Celeste) Mattson. He has 10 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

A Celebration of Life ceremony will be held Friday, November 19, 2021 at 2 p.m. EST via Zoom.