Tonasket Spring Clean-Up April 11-22

TONASKET – The Tonasket City Council approved the annual Spring Clean-Up dates to be set as Monday, April 11 through Friday, April 22 during their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 8.

The dates, approved in Resolution No. 2011-02, are the dates when the city crew will be authorized and directed to conduct a comprehensive city clean-program.

“During said campaign, the City of Tonasket shall pick up burnable yard waste excluding tree stumps and oversized pruning’s for residences and businesses as time permits,” the resolution states. “Prunings must be under four foot long and piled for easy removal. Leaves and grass clippings should be bagged in paper bags.”

During this same meeting, City Clerk Alice Attwood gave the council members a map of Okanogan County from the Department of Transportation which has the locations of proposed passing lanes marked. The proposal has a northbound passing lane possibly being constructed in 2012 between mile marker 300 and mile marker 310 just before Janis Bridge and a southbound passing lane possibly being constructed in 2013 before and after mile marker 270 down near Brewster.

The city also approved the rental agreement for the Tonasket Youth Center, located at the top of Fourth Street near the Tonasket High School football field. The council decided on a $200 refundable maintenance deposit. The deposit will be given to the city to be held. After the renting group cleans the center, the check will be given back as long as standards are met and no damage was done to the building. The council decided the deposit amount would be the same no matter what the size of the renting group.

“It’s easier for renters to ask for their check back after cleaning the center than it is for the city to ask for money because the center wasn’t cleaned properly,” Attwood said.

The 2011 Mayor Committee Appointment’s were also approved by the council during this meeting. Council members Scott Olson and Jill Vugteveen will be on the finance/capital improvements/annexation committee; Council Members Jean Ramsey and Selena Hines will be on the street/water/sewer/cemetery/airport committee; Council Members Julianna Griffin and Ramsey will be on the park/pool/housing/youth center/recreation committee; Griffin and Olson will be on the personnel committee and Vugteveen and Hines will be on the public safety committee. The city attorney is Michael Howe, Attwood remains the city clerk/treasurer, Bill Pilkinton remains the city superintendent for public works, Robert Burks remains the police chief, Anthony Castelda was appointed as the court judge; Roger Castelda was appointed as the court judge pro-tem, Christian Johnson remains the building official/permit administrator and Pilkinton remains the airport manager.

On the Civil Service Commission are Leonard Hedlund, Ed Jeffko and Phill Christy. On the Planning Commission are Art Mosher, Gayle Mailloux, Dennis Brown, Jan Asmussen and Colin Graham. On the Library Board are John Williams, Kirsten Williams, Harriett Stangland, Claire Jeffko and Diane Allstot. On the Board of Appeals are Bob Thornton, Moshe Levine, David Kester, Rick Baker and Dave Ogborn. Finally, on the Tree Board are Hines, Griffin, Pilkinton, Stangland, Kester, Marilyn Brown, Donna Sylvester, Betty Bair and Barbara Hanson.

Finally, Contract City Planner Kurt Danison gave the council a short summary of information from the recreation surveys that were passed out and given back throughout the winter. Of the 4,696 total surveys sent out, 752 came back. Of those 752, most people said that, besides the bathhouse and the changing rooms, the pool was found to be in ‘good’ or ‘fair’ condition. However, most people also said it was necessary or extremely necessary to build a new pool.

The next city council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m. in city hall located at 209 S. Whitcomb Ave.