Tonasket City Council draws the most interest during candidate filing week

YourVoteCountsOKANOGAN – It looks like there’s a battle brewing for who will make up the Tonasket Council with all three positions attracting two or more candidates for the council seats during filing week.

Tonasket City Council

In the race for Council Position 2, currently held my Jensen Sackman, three candidates have filed, none of which was the incumbent. Seeking a seat on the council are Charlotte Betcham, Jeff McMillan and Deanna Swallom. The number of candidates will be whittled down to two in a primary election in August. Council Position 4, now held by Maria Moreno, also doesn’t see a return of the incumbent on the ballot. Seeking to serve in her stead are Alisa Weddle and George Hill. Incumbent Marylou Kriner, who was appointed after Claire Jeffko passed away, will face an opponent in the upcoming general election, James Moore, who has also filed for that position. All positions are non-partisan and for four-year terms.

Oroville City Council

With the exception of Position 5, Oroville’s City Council will look much the same come election day. Kolo Moser has filed for that spot on the council. Incumbent Robert Fuchs, who did not file by the Friday, May 17 deadline, will not have his name appear on the ballot for another four-year term. Moser currently sits on the Oroville School Board. The rest of the candidates are incumbents, Michael H. Marthaller, who was appointed to the council, will serve a new two-year, unexpired term. Council Position 3, currently held by David (Mac) McElheran, will return to Position 3 and Walt Hart III to Council Position 4. Positions 3, 4 and 5 are all for four-year terms.

Tonasket School Board

Lois Rhoads filed for Director District 2 on the Tonasket School Board and Jennie Wilson for Director District 4. Incumbent Joyce Fancher has filed for Director District 3. All the positions are non-partisan and for four-year-terms.

Oroville School District

The Oroville School District will see a return of two incumbent School Directors, Director District 1, held by Todd C. Hill and Director District 5 (At-Large), held by Dwayne Birmingham. Both are for four-year terms of office.

North Valley Hospital

Incumbents Dick Larson and Adam Tibbs will return as hospital commissioners for North Valley Hospital District in Commissioner District Positions 1 and 5 (At Large), respectively. The commissioners will each serve new six-year terms.

Tonasket Parks & Rec District

The Tonasket Parks and Recreation District will see a return of incumbents in all three positions on the ballot. They are Commissioner Position 1, Rick Massey; Commissioner Position 2, Billie Kay Attwood and Commissioner Position 3, Jordon Weddle. All are for four-year terms.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #1, Oroville

Okanogan County Fire District #1 sees a return of Bob Hilderbrand for Position 2. No one filed for Commissioner Position 1 , currently held by Robert Ellis.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #4, Tonasket

Okanogan County Fire District #4 (six-year term) will see the return of Duane Van Woert for Commissioner Position 2.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #10. Loomis

For the Loomis Fire District, no one has filed for the one seat up for election, Commissioner Position 1, a six-year term, currently not occupied.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #11, Molson/Chesaw

For the Molson/Chesaw Fire District, there is one seat up for election, Commissioner Position 3, a six-year term, now held by Ken Davison. No one filed by the deadline.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #12, Mt. Hull

For the Mt. Hull Fire District, there are three seats up for election, Commissioner Position 1, a four-year, unexpired term, now held by Robert Pimpiano; Commissioner Position, 2, a six-year term, held by Tom Stevens and Commissioner Position 3, a two-year, unexpired term, now held by Alan Weaver. No one had filed by the deadline.

Okanogan County Fire Dist. #16, Aeneas Valley

For the Aeneas Valley Fire District, Commissioner Position 1, a six-year term, is up for election. The seat is currently held by Rick Baker. No one has filed.

County Cemetery Dist. No. 4, Oroville

Commissioner Position 3 of Oroville Riverview Cemetery District, currently held by Ted Christensen, is also up for election. The incumbent has thrown his hat in the ring for an additional six-year term.

Osoyoos Water District

No one filed for the Osoyoos Water District, which has one position for a six-year term on the ballot. Commissioner Position 1 is currently held by Guy D. Fisher.