Tonasket approves CDBG contract for sewer project

TONASKET – The Tonasket City Council approved a CDBG grant to cover the city’s match for the $1.256 million project extending the sewer to Mill Drive area near Bonaparte Creek.

The project is paid for through a grant from state Department of Ecology with the state Community Development Block Grant picking up the $75,000 in matching funds.

“This whole project is a credit to the sitting council members, as well as former council members like Joyce Fancher, Connie Maden and even Dale Clarkson for the work they’ve done,” said Mayor Patrick Plumb.

The council also opened the only bid tendered for the airport project, which includes asphalt patching and seal coating of part of the runway and the second stub between the hangers. The bid was from M.O. Asphalt of Wenatchee for $34,000 and was much less than anticipated.

City Clerk Alice Attwood suggested that the bidder break down his bid to see if he and the city were “on the same page.”

“They did the school project and there’s good reports on them,” said Councilman Scott Olson.

The council will wait for clarification and the mayor tabled the item until the next council meeting.

The council approved an Interlocal Agreement with the EMS District which is purchasing the old fire hall.

Jeff Cravy with the EMS District has asked the city to use its pressure washer and wanted to know if the city would still be mowing a patch of grass at the fire hall.

“When we sell something it’s now theres to maintain. I believe they rent pressure washers at Lee Franks for a reasonable rate,” said Mayor Plumb.

The council directed the mayor to sign a letter to the RCO declaring the Tonasket Municipal Pool as obsolete. The move allows the city to not have to pay back loans taken in the 1990’s for repairs. The money saved on not operating the pool for the next several years will be used towards an upgraded pool.

In other business the council approved a Pedestrian Way Use Permit for the Kuhler Bar and Grill which wants to place its sign on the pole which is on the street side of the sidewalk.

“It seems kind of silly to have them go through this when we are in support of business, it seems like the old sign would have been grandfathered in,” said Jill Vugteveen, referring to the old Tonasket Saloon sign that was on the pole.

Mayor Plumb said that the need for the permit was to follow the city’s existing ordinances, but added he would direct staff to come up with a “Welcome to Tonasket, here are the rules you need to follow even though you’ve been here for ever” booklet. He said he would direct city staff to come up with something to be put at the Tonasket Visitors and Business Resource Center.

In addition, the council agreed to renew the city’s insurance for 2011-2012 through the city’s insurance pool. The insurance is $51,820 which is a $4110 over the previous year. The renewal was approved with the condition that the policy manager be asked if the cost would be less if Tonasket increased its deductible.