Plumb wants to work on future today as Tonasket mayor

Patrick Plumb

Patrick Plumb

TONASKET – Patrick Plumb, one of the mayoral candidates, wants to work on the future today if he becomes Tonasket mayor.

“Initially, we’re just going to have to have a sit down with government officials and businesses and see where we want to go with business,” Plumb said. “We need to start working on the future today. I’m really excited to have an official position to do that.”

Plumb, a former city council member, said he is really optimistic about his chances to win the mayoral race because he’s been going to a lot of places and people of all different age groups seem really excited about the prospect of him as mayor.

During a primary election, conducted near the end of August to narrow down the mayoral candidates from three to two, Plumb took the second slot with 81 votes or 36.16 percent of the votes.

“I know the mayor’s job is not to set policy but I think we’re at a point now where we need to seriously look at what we can do about jobs, low income housing and maximizing local business,” Plumb said. “We need to have our city government be more customer service oriented.”

Plumb, who states he has had an interest in politics since he was 12-years-old, said he wants to be the city’s biggest cheerleader and the best facilitator he can be.

“Politics are an effective tool to help people advance their lives,” he said. “I’m a big studier of history and I enjoy this area because of its independence and individuality and also for the people who come together to help each other.”

Plumb said he likes what he and his family are doing here in Tonasket and that, if elected, he is comfortable committing to a one term and if asked to serve again, he would. He said he has a three-year-old and a one-year-old and he needs to be secure with knowing they will be going to Tonasket schools.

If he does not win the mayoral position, Plumb said he would be willing to serve the city in any function he could. He said if he does win, he would like for Fancher to remain in her city council seat.

“I totally endorse Joyce Fancher staying in her seat because she brings a lot to the table, especially with parks and pools,” Plumb said. “I’m really optimistic and energized about the support I’ve received.”