Oroville School Board approves extracurriculars for next year

OROVILLE – The School Board approved the extracurricular program for the 2009-2010 school year during their regular meeting on Monday, July 27.

The approved program has several eliminations to the current sports program. District paid clinics have been eliminated as well as stipends for the assistant coaches for boys’ high school baseball, high school golf, junior high wrestling and junior high football, which is now capped at one assistant coach. The stipends for c-squads have been eliminated.

The travel costs for the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams have been combined. Weight training, while still being funded for 2009, will be eliminated for 2010 and the golf team will now travel by van. The soccer and volleyball teams will now travel together and post season pay has been eliminated.

All coaches salaries will be reduced by 23 percent and the Oroville Coaches’ Association (OCA) Unfair Labor Practices claims and the counter claims of the district have been dismissed.

“The parties agree to the following language: ‘in accordance with the Settlement of the Unfair Labor Practice Claims filed by both the Oroville Coaches Association and the Oroville School District, both parties hereby reaffirm their commitment to the following principles,” the approved program states. “Neither party will discriminate or restrict a member of the OCA from exercise of their rights under Chapter RCW 41.56. Neither party will engage in unfair labor practices or restrain or coerce the other parties or their members from exercising their collective bargaining rights. The OCA and District will bargain only through their recognized representatives of the OCA and the District. The District and the OCA commit to engage in full and fair communications with the other party regarding the interests of their organization’.”

Superintendent Ernie Bartelson told the school board that he received communication from OCA President Chuck Ricevuto that the agreement had been approved by the OCA before the Board approved it unanimously.

Through consent agenda, the board also approved hiring Joe Worsham as the K-6 Elementary Principal for $70,000 for the 2009-2010 school year and hiring Ricevuto as the 2009 summer weight training program coach for $2,202. The board also accepted the resignation of Greg Farley as teacher, coach and athletic director, effective immediately.

Resolution Number 228, Adopting the Budget for the 2009/2010 school year was also approved.

The next Oroville School Board meeting is on Monday, August 24 at 5 p.m.