Oroville Police Officer arrested for suspicion of DUI

OROVILLE — An Oroville Police Officer finds himself on administrative leave after being arrested by fellow officers for suspicion of DUI.

Joshua Deiss, 32, was arrested on Saturday, Oct. 21 and booked into Okanogan County Jail and was later released after posting bond the next morning.

Deiss is alleged to have driven to a residence where he began pounding on the front door.

“A 14-year-old girl was the only one home in the residence and she got scared and called her parents. They in turn called dispatch,” said Oroville Police Chief Todd Hill. “We responded, he was detained and Officer Hirst called me, then I called the sheriff’s office as an outside agency.”

Deiss was found passed out in the yard of the house, according to Steve Brown, Chief Criminal Deputy with the Sheriff’s Department. Brown said Deiss was acting belligerently and refused to properly blow into the breathalyzer so deputies sought and obtained a warrant to draw the officer’s blood at a hospital to determine alcohol content.

“We were asked to do an agency assist. Witnesses said Deiss had driven to the scene,” said Brown.

Chief Hill said the house that Deiss was found at was about one block from his own residence. He said the officer had been working with the Oroville Police Department between one and a half and two years. Deiss had been commuting from the west side of the state to work for Oroville’s department.

“He has been placed on administrative leave to allow me to conduct my investigation. The sheriff’s office will be doing the criminal portion of the investigation and forward the results to the Okanogan County Prosecutor for review for possible prosecution,” Hill said.

The police chief added that while Deiss was arrested for DUI, he doesn’t rule out additional charges being made following the sheriff’s investigation.

“The lesson learned about alcohol is it reduces your ability to make wise choices, no matter who you are,” said Hill. “Police officers are held to a higher level of behavior… when something like this happens it is a shock to the public.”