Okanogan County votes Trump and Sanders in primary

YourVoteCountsOKANOGAN – Okanogan County voters cast their ballots in favor of the incumbent president, Donald Trump on the Republican ticket and Bernie Sanders on a crowded Democratic ticket in the March 10 primary election.

This, according to the second ballot count by Okanogan County election officials on March 13. While the numbers changed somewhat from the election day count, Trump and Sanders remained the top two candidates in Okanogan County.

President Trump, who was the lone Republican on the ballot, received 6,009 votes cast in his favor, while Sanders, who was among a baker’s dozen of Democratic hopefuls, received 2,130. Jospeh Biden, the current leader in delegates in the country, received 1,877. Elizabeth Warren was third, with 536 votes, followed by Michael Bloomberg, 520; Peter Buttigieg, 207; Amy Klobuchar, 122; Tulsi Gabbard, 60; Andrew Yang, 26; Michael Bennet, 17; Tom Steyer, nine; Corey Booker, seven and Deval Patrick, two.

Statewide it was a slightly different story with Biden and Sanders splitting the 89 available delegates, 37 going to each. Biden edged out Sanders slightly in total votes with 584,041 (37.88 percent) to Sanders’ 518,884 (35.8 percent). Warren came in third with 138,311 (9.5 percent) and Blooberg fourth with 119,220 (8.2 percent).

In Okanogan County there are approximately 900 ballots left to count, according to Jamie Groomes, Chief Deputy Auditor and Elections Administrator. The next ballot count is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 (after press time). The election counts are unofficial until certified by the county Canvassing Board on Friday, March 20.