Kinross offers second free training workshop


Learn about starting a business

REPUPLIC – As part of a program to assist the local communities with upcoming change as closure of the Buckhorn Mine approaches, Kinross Kettle River – Buckhorn is hosting a series of trainings and workshops designed specifically for Ferry and Okanogan county residents and businesses. The second in the series, “Startup: Planning for the Unknowable Future” will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 10 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Republic School cafeteria.

The free training will be presented by Mike Skinner, the director of the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship at Pinchot University. After 12 years as a corporate finance attorney, Mike chose to dedicate his energy to the elimination of poverty and the development of individual economic self-sufficiency and strong local economies. Over the last 10 years, Mike has helped hundreds of people start and grow small businesses.

Building a business is not simply executing a management plan for a business that you think will work. Instead, building a business is a search for the actual business model itself – the product or service that will solve the unmet needs of your customers and generate sustainable revenue. This workshop will give you the tools to do this. Once you validate your business model, planning how you will run the business is a snap.

Learn “lean startup” principles essential to developing an entrepreneur’s mindset

Start using the Business Model Canvas to search for, discover and validate your business model

Learn how to translate your business model into a traditional written business plan

Leave with a Business Model Canvas, a Business Plan Template, and a list of valuable resources

Training is fully sponsored by Kinross, so there’s no cost to participants. Food and childcare will be provided. The Republic School Cafeteria is located at 30306 E Hwy 21

“If you or someone in your family is interested, or if you know someone who may be, please let them know.  There is no cost to attend. Food and childcare will be provided.,” said Deana Zakar, Community and Government Relations Specialist with Kinross.

Registration is not required but is helpful in order to determine headcount. This series is aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs to create new business ventures, as well as help existing businesses add value to their current business model. For more information or to register, go to

Zakar adds, “Also, please take a moment to check out and ‘like’ our new Facebook page”