Hospital Warrants up to $3.5 million

TONASKET – The registered warrants, the money North Valley Hospital must repay the county, are up to $3.5 million, as of the Thursday, June 24 meeting.

“Our cash receipts were down in May and June and every penny we pay is on warrants,” Bomi Bharucha, chief financial officer, said. “I’m trying to see if we’re still on track to bring them down to $2.5 million by the end of December, which is the mandate.”

According to Bharucha’s submitted financial report, the revenue for May 2010 is over budget by $170,000.

“In-patient revenue is over budget by $30,000 and outpatient revenue is over budget by $167,000,” the report states. “About $72,000 of the outpatient revenue is ancillary services (laboratory, radiology, physical therapy) provided by the Hospital Division to the LTC Division.”

Bharucha’s report also states that the Tonasket Clinic had 234 visits and generated $69,000 in gross revenue for May but that this amount includes catch-up billings for prior months due to dictation being backlogged. According to the report, the operating expense for May 2010 is under budget by about $39,000.

“We have re-classed Radia Imaging’s fees for tele-radiology services, from Purchased Services to Professional Fees to more consistently reflect accounting practices,” the report says. “It should be noted that effective July 2010 Coast to Coast will be taking over the full management and staffing of the Emergency Department at NVH District. This will lead to a substantial increase in the expense for ER coverage even after the offset of reduced salaries and benefits expense of physicians who will be leaving NVH or be employed by Coast to Coast.”

John Boyd, support services director, said the hospital addition is coming along very nicely.

“We hope to have the front opened up by July 6,” Boyd said. “We’re going to have to close up the side door so all traffic comes through the ER doors, but that’ll only be for a couple of days. We’ve lost some time because of the rain but we’re still coming in under time and under budget. It’s a big plus to the team.”

Helen Casey, the chairperson for the board, said a very nice Round Table dinner and discussion was held one night the week before the board meeting.

“We had about 23 people there, including the speakers,” Claire Nelson, commissioner, said. “It went very well and it was a real good time.”

The dinner featured Dale White as the speaker about the new Veteran’s Administration contract with NVH and Bharucha said the hospital is just waiting for the T1 phone line to be installed, which will be done in two to three weeks, and then the training will be done on-site. He said the VA’s intention is to get the first veteran patient seen by Sept. 1.

Finally, Director of Administrative Services Connie Maden is beginning the process of planning for the Sept. 16 Grand Opening of the new hospital addition. Anyone interested in helping her with this should contact Maden in the administration office of NVH.

The next hospital board meeting will be on Thursday, July 8 at 7 p.m. in the hospital board room.