Earthquake shakes Okanogan Valley

A map showing the epicenter of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake the shook the Okanogan Valley Saturday morning. Source: Pacific Northwest Seismic Center

OLIVER, BC – An earthquake centered east of Oliver, BC rumbled the Okanogan Valley and shook people on both sides of the border Saturday morning.

According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Center, the 4.2 magnitude earthquake had a depth of 3.1 miles and occurred at 9:16:31 a.m.

“A loud bang, resembling a sonic boom started off the excitement,” said Oliver resident Shana Cachola, formerly of Oroville. “After I realized the dogs were going crazy and my little boys were not to blame we had about 10-12 seconds of pretty noisy rumbling and shaking.

Cachola, continued, “Items suspended from the ceiling were swinging, but nothing was damaged around our place, that we’ve noticed. I have heard of a driveway in town with a fresh little crack. Thankfully that seems to be the extent of the damage.”

Shortly after the event people in Oroville took to social media asking what had happened, many said they had gone outside their homes to see their neighbors wondering the same thing.

A map showing where the earthquake occurred located the epicenter 13 miles east of Oliver, near Baldy Mountain, about 25 miles northeast of Oroville, Wash. as the crow flies.

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