Confluence Health seeks 5,000 homemade mask donations

Submitted by Clint Strand

Confluence Health Public Information Officer

WENATCHEE – Confluence Health recognizes and honors the strength, compassion, and spirit of giving that is woven into the fabric of our community. It is in that spirit that we are putting out an A.S.B. (All Sewers Bulletin)!

If you know how to sew masks or are part of a sewing group or guild that does, we need your help. As we start to increase our services, we have identified a need for 5,000 homemade masks. Since masking is a requirement for all patients visiting Confluence Health facilities, these will be used for all who need them and do not have access to masks prior to visiting.

Your generosity will help our physicians, nurses and other patient care team members stay safe while providing critical medical care. We cannot do this without the support of our community, and we feel blessed that so many are helping us take on the challenges caused by the COVID pandemic.

Confluence Health will also gladly repay the cost of masking materials and supplies to individuals or groups if helpful. Simply drop off receipts to our Confluence Health Foundation office, and they will forward to Confluence Health to reimburse. To drop off masks or to inquire about materials reimbursement for masks, please contact the Confluence Health Foundation at (509) 436-6275.

For more information about this need, instructions how to make masks at home and more, log on to

Thanks again to the communities we serve for their partnership in health, safety, and wellness.