Circus coming to Oroville June 15

OROVILLE – The Oroville Chamber of Commerce is bringing the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus back to town next Wednesday, June 15.

The popular circus will be setting up their big top at Oroville’s City Park for two shows, 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and promises entertainment for people of all ages. In its 26th season, C&M Circus has become internationally known for quality family entertainment. This authentic One-Ring, Big Top Circus has been featured on National Geographic’s Explorer TV series, Entertainment Tonight, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Arizona Highways Magazine. It has also been featured on the A&E Special: Under the Big Top and most recently, On the Road with Circus Kids, a Nickelodeon special featured on the Nick News Program.

Skeeter the clown will be making stops around town today to visit with kids and get people excited about the circus. She will visit schools, day cares, recreation centers, libraries and senior centers. She might be seen in stores or walking down Main Street. Skeeter got her clown start at the early age of nine-years-old in Columbus, Ohio. She is a graduate of the Ringling Clown College and has spent much of the last two decades traveling around the country – clowning around.

Skeeter’s clown program educates students and community members about what a day in the life of a clown is really all about. She spends time talking about the different types of clowns and the history of the circus. Skeeter will delight audiences with her unique style of clowning, comedy and true love for the circus.

The public is invited to bring their friends and family out circus morning to watch as a familiar place in Oroville is transformed into a bustling Circus City. Activity swirls around the grounds as animals are unloaded, the Big Top is erected and rigging is prepared for performances later in the day. Enjoy the magic and tradition of the American Circus with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m. watch the raising of the Big Top, then stay for the free Tour. This presentation offers a unique face-to-face opportunity for families, schools and interested community members to meet and learn all about the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus family and includes a walking tour of the circus grounds. Learn interesting facts the performers, the history of the show and the different species of animals in their circus. In this presentation they will also address topics such as hygiene, grooming and the veterinary care all of their animals receive.

In recent years the Tent Raising and Morning Tour has become a popular program for families and interested community members. It is presented in a way everyone, young and old can learn many interesting facts about the Culpepper & Merriweather circus family. This is a special part of circus day that should not be missed.

On circus day, the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus performers bring the magic of the circus to life in each 90-minute show. This year’s lineup includes an All-Star group of performers and entertainers. Their performers are sure to amaze and delight audience members of all ages.

Save money by purchasing your tickets in advance. Advance tickets are available atOroville Pharmacy and the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune in Oroville and at Tonasket Interiors in Tonasket. Prices for advance tickets are $6.00 for children ages 2 to 12, children under two are always free and $9.00 for adults. On show day tickets will be $1.50 more. Buy your tickets early and save, say Oroville Chamber members.