CenturyLink customers experiencing internet, phone and 911 outage

OKANOGAN COUNTY – At approximately 4:50 p.m. a service outage was reported impacting 911, phone and internet services for over 3,000 CenturyLink customers in OmaK, Oroville, Pateros, Twisp, Winthrop and surrounding areas. 911 calls have been re-routed in all communities at the this time, except Pateros. Technicians are on-site determining the cause and working to restore services, according to CenturyLink spokesperson Kerry Zimmer.

People needing to call for emergency services are advised to either call 911 from their cell phones -if working (most cell towers have not been impacted). If their cell phones are not working, then citizens are urged to go their nearest fire or police stations or hospitals in case of emergency.

Customer safety is a priority and we are working around the clock to get this outage resolved, said Zimmer.

Kerry Zimmer