Canadian man tries to drive wife home after she dies near Pasco

OKANOGAN – Tonasket Police are conducting an investigation after they contacted a Canadian man on his way back to Canada with his dead wife.

“Apparently an elderly Canadian couple were returning back to Canada from the U.S. last Saturday. At around 2:15 p.m. the husband called dispatch and requested that he be put in touch with the authorities at the border. The subject advised that he was headed back to Canada with his wife, who had died and wanted the authorities at the border to understand that he needed to get home,” said Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers, who described the incident as a sad story and expressed his sympathy for the family.

“After several minutes the Okanogan County Communications Deputy was able to find out that the husband believed his wife had died somewhere around Pasco, Wash. but had not called anyone until he was just outside of Tonasket,” said Sheriff Rogers.

The Communications Deputy was able to convince the subject that he needed to pull over and stop which he eventually did and the Tonasket Police Department was able to make contact them.

“The Tonasket Police Department is conducting the investigation at this time,” Rogers said.