4Patriots Review

The demand for survival equipment is increasing rapidly as more people know about their necessity. Survival amenities are in high request, from survival food kits to solar batteries. The number of prepping and survival brands are also increasing fast to help users in the best possible ways.

Being a leading survival and prepping brand, it has already managed to grab customers’ attention by producing top-notch products and food items. So many survival and prepping brands are in the market, but very few can match the legacy of 4Patriots in terms of delivering refined products and quick services.

The most important thing about 4Patriots is that the brand offers various products. The products are professionally designed to help users deal with emergencies, unexpected situations, and disasters. The brands sell emergency food bars, sugary drink mixes, and other food items. All the things are of high quality.

If you’re about to purchase products from survival and prepping brands for the first time, you may feel skeptical about buying the products sold by 4Patriots. In this article, we will describe all the 4Patriots products so that you can select your preferred items easily. So, please keep reading to the end to learn about the exceptional products.

What Is 4Patriots?

4Patriots is a reputed survival brand famous for its high-quality products that help users sustain themselves in challenging and accidental situations. The primary intent of the brand is to produce high-quality emergency essentials to help manage disastrous conditions and other troublesome circumstances.

The products launched by 4Patriots make users self-reliant to help themselves during disastrous conditions and other emergencies. There is no doubt that 4Patriots is a reliable option for purchasing the finest survival kits and foods.

4Patriots Products

The company has created a decent reputation in the industry, and the meals marketed by 4Patriots are exclusively popular among all types of users. It’s hard to judge the company’s efficiency without checking out the variety of survival items and foods it produces. So, let’s check out the products made by 4Patriots:

  • Survival Food Kits
  • Individual Survival Foods From 4Patriots
  • Patriot Power Generator 1800
  • Patriot Power Sidekick
  • Patriot Power Cells
  • Sun Kettle Solar Cooker
  • Patriot Power Generator 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel
  • BugOut Solar Lantern
  • 40-Watt Folding Solar Pane
  • Patriot Power Blender
  • Blackout Beacon Emergency Light
  • Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System
  • Patriot Pure Pure Aqua-Bright

4Patriots Survival Food Kits


The Survival Food Kits produced by 4Patriots come with a long shelf-life, and that’s why these items are suitable for users of all types. The time frames of the food kits are different timeframes. From4-week food kits to 1-year food kits, kits with various time frames are available at 4 Patriots. These kits come with disaster-resistant packaging, and these survival products last up to 25 years if stored properly.

These food packs are specially designed to help you handle an emergency. None of these food packs are backed by bad reviews, and that’s a strong point from the brand’s perspective.

The 72-hour food kit is one of the most sold products marketed by 4Patriots, and it is available for $27 only. The price is more affordable than the price segments set by other brands. The brand has also launched a 4-week survival food kit for $247. This food pack is exclusively created to help a user depend on self-reliance during times of crisis.

The brand also sells a 3-month survival food kit, which is extremely popular among users. This item comes at $697, and the meals included in this food kit are superb and delicious. In short, this one is an outstanding product when a survival situation arises.

Finally, the 1-year survival food kit is a remarkable product sold by 4Patriots, and it comes at $2787. Needless to specify, this food package for manufactured for long-term storage, and the meals included in this kit are incomparable. No matter which package you go for, you can easily prepare meals without difficulties, and the manufacturers created the kits keeping that in mind.

4Patriots Individual Survival Foods


4Patriots also produces individual foods for buyers who are planning to purchase foods separately during emergencies. From potato soup to creamy rice, all types of Individual Survival Foods are sold by the brand.

All these products are available on the official company website. It is possibly the first brand that enables users to purchase specific survival food items. Let’s explore the individual survival food items from 4Patriots.

Heartland’s Finest Powdered Milk kit is one of the most popular individual survival foods sold by 4Patriots. If you want to purchase packaged dry milk, this is the obvious choice to go for. Most importantly, the product is available for $97 only. Undoubtedly, this item can be considered a phenomenal emergency food.

Its scrambled egg kit is also a product you can look up to. The package costs $109, and hundreds of buyers prefer buying this one. Apart from these, America’s finest Mac & Cheese food kit and the Freeze-dried Berry Super Pack are also popular among users. These items cost $45 and $107, respectively.

Besides these, the Emergency Food Bars sold by the company are also chartbusters in the market. These bars are available for $27 only, which can help you during times of crisis. Moreover, the Plant-based Protein Survival Food kit ($100) and the Survival Sweets Kit ($80) are also preferred by regular buyers. Single servings of these products are good enough to fill your stomach.

Having three meals a day doesn’t remain problematic at all when you decide to purchase the survival food packs from 4Patriots. The brand also produces a wide range of freeze-dried foods, and these items can satisfy your taste buds for sure.

Patriot Power Generator 1800


If you are seeking a steady power source to keep the electrical devices of your house charged, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 is the best possible option for you. The best thing about the generator is that it doesn’t need gas. As you leave it free in the sun, it gets charged automatically and keeps freezers, medical devices, and refrigerators charged up.

The power generator can be an outstanding option to keep the electronic goods of your house charged during power failures and blackouts. Apart from that, you will be shocked to know the price range of the power generator too.

It comes at $2497 only, and the price segment makes sense altogether considering the beneficial sides of the power generator. There is no doubt that it is one of the best solar-powered generators available at the moment.

Patriot Power Sidekick


A solar-rechargeable power sidekick can be the most innovative option for charging up your electronic gadgets and devices during blackouts and power failures. Coming at $497, the Patriot Power Sidekick is highly efficient in keeping the essential electronic devices charged.

Most importantly, the power sidekick weighs only 8 lbs, and it’s effortless to carry this sidekick with you wherever you go. The powerful solar panel attached to the power sidekick makes it easy to charge up your favorite devices without difficulties.

Solar power generators are handy during a power outage, but very few individuals are financially stable enough to afford them. Instead, they can go for this power sidekick as this model comes at a lower price segment.

Patriot Power Cells


Patriot Power Cells are great alternatives to conventional power banks with higher price ranges. A solar power cell produced by 4Patriots holds a battery capacity of 8000 mAh, and you can charge two devices at the same time using such a power cell.

The most exciting thing about these power cells is that you can charge them free using sunlight. That’s why these cells are considered more power-efficient, and they are the most-sold emergency essentials manufactured by the company. A Patriot power cell comes at $99, and the price range of this product is pretty affordable for all types of users.

Sun Kettle Solar Cooker


Do you need to rely entirely on the survival food items sold by 4Patriots during power cuts or emergency conditions? Of course, not. The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker can be an outstanding option for you to use instead of a conventional cooker.

If you’re residing in a mountain house or you’re going for a camping session, this cooker can be an exceptional choice for you. This solar kettle can help you boil water without batteries and other power sources.

This is compact camping gear, and it’s very lightweight so that you can carry it with you everywhere. Unlike other cookers, batteries or cords aren’t needed to use this cooker at all. The company takes pride in the cooker due to its power efficiency. Priced at $197, it is one of the best products manufactured by the company.

Patriot Power Generator 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel


Do you want to increase the power of your generator? In that case, you can consider purchasing the Patriot Power Generator 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel. Though the solar power generators sold by 4Patriots come with built-in solar panels, adding this folding solar panel to your generator will help you increase the generator’s efficiency.

Adding this solar panel to your power generator helps you double the power and energy efficiency of your power generator. That enables you to charge the electronic devices of your house faster.

Additionally, the solar panel can be set up quickly, and you can fold it and carry it wherever you go. The price is $497, and users with all financial standards can easily afford this folding solar panel.

BugOut Solar Lantern


The BugOut Solar Lantern is a solar-powered lantern that helps you banish mosquitoes, flies, and other insects from your house and property. Being a rainproof and self-cleaning product, this is a better option than most similar products.

This solar lantern has three light settings: low, medium, and high. Whether you place this solar lantern on a table or hang it on a hook, it can accomplish its job promptly. Interestingly, you can get this powerful and energy-efficient solar lantern by paying $50 only.

40-Watt Folding Solar Pane


Instead of purchasing a pricier solar panel, you can buy this folding solar pane, which also serves you adeptly. Charging regular electronic gadgets like phones, radios or tablets becomes much easier with the help of this 40-Watt Folding Solar Pane.

Another impressive thing about the product is that it gets charged by solar energy and works with all types of USB cords. That’s why it becomes more convenient for you to charge your devices with the help of this folding solar pane.

As it is foldable, you can carry it with you to keep your device charged whenever and wherever you want. The folding solar pane comes at $149, and this is one of the most cost-efficient and powerful products manufactured by the company.

Patriot Power Blender


The company has produced the Patriot Power Blender to help users prepare smoothies within short spans. Users can prepare delicious and mouth-watering smoothies within 7 seconds using this powerful blender, and you can prepare 12 smoothies at a stretch after charging up the blender thoroughly.

According to the reviews of existing users, the smoothies made using this power blender tasted good, and the process of preparing smoothies utilizing this device is super easy. Every favorable review of this power blender on the official website establishes its supremacy over similar devices from different brands. The special blender is available for $40 only, and this is one of the best blender models available on the market.

Blackout Beacon Emergency Light


Blackout Beacon Emergency Light is an exclusive package from the company with three different lights. As you purchase this package, you get a handheld flashlight, a motion-sensing night light, and an emergency light.

All these lights come with magnetic charging options, and no wires are needed to charge these lights. The entire package costs $75 only and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System


Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System is a unique water filtration system to help users drink fresh and clean water. Unlike other water filters, this model doesn’t require electricity to filter water.

This gravity-powered device works without power, and it holds the capability of delivering clean and pure water that tastes outstanding too. The complete water filtration system can fulfill the daily water requirement of your entire family. The device contains a third-party-lab-tested filtration system that increases its efficiency and authenticity.

Patriot Pure Pure Aqua-Bright


Patriot Pure Pure Aqua-Bright is a spectacular product that works as a water bottle and a lantern at the same time. The most impressive thing about this product is that it comes with a rechargeable UV light, and the light aims to disinfect the water stored in the bottle.

According to the manufacturers, the bottle doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to disinfect water, and the rechargeable UV light on the bottle is the reason behind the disinfection process. The manufacturers also claimed that the bottle could eliminate all the viruses and bacteria from the water stored in it.

These are the special and unique products manufactured by the brand. Apart from these, the brand has also manufactured a wide variety of products, including an oxygen absorber, Water Brick storage system, Pure Pitcher, Personal Water Filter, Gardening Tool and Storage Set, Victory Garden Seed Vault, Sanitizing Solution Machine, Tabletop Hydro-Garden kit and many more.

Benefits of the 4Patriots Survival Food Items and Other Products

As you’ve gone through this 4Patriots review, you have already learned about the brand’s wide variety of survival food items and other emergency products. Now, why should you buy these products?

As mentioned earlier, numerous survival brands are present in the market and produce high-quality products. So, what’s the point behind going for 4Patriots products?

High-Quality and Nutrition-rich Emergency food items

Whether you’re purchasing a vegetable dinner kit or other freeze-dried food kit items, the items from 4Patriots will never disappoint you. The shelf life of each food package is good enough, and you’re surely going to be a happy customer once you order your preferred products from the brand.

The food items marketed by the company not only taste good, but they’re also healthy. The company aims to ship quickly, so your ordered foods remain in the best condition. Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, vegetable dinner kits, and other unique products are the highlights of 4Patriots. The brand specializes in delivering premium freeze-dried items.

Dozens of positive reviews back the high-class food items produced by the brand, and you don’t stand a chance of getting an inferior product as you check the packing slip attached to the product.

Professional and Cordial Customer Service

Regarding the customer service team of 4Patriots, the team’s dedication is incomparable. Thousands of buyers called customer service and got satisfied while ordering products from the company. As you reach out to the customer service in business days and have the tracking number of your order, you will surely get the best possible assistance from the customer service team.

Availability of Customizable Food products

Every review related to the food products launched by the brand states that they offer customizations to help users in the best possible ways. The Better Business Bureau’s rating well, the brand aims to serve buyers exactly how they expect.

All the food products produced by 4Patriots can be ordered in customizable volumes, and you can customize your order according to your needs. Of course, ordering food products in a high volume allows you to get extra discounts.

Also, different types of food items are available with the brand. From pre-packed food options to supplements, the brand sells a wide variety of products under one roof, and that increases the brand’s popularity.

Convenient Shipping Times

Regarding shipping times, 4Patriots is one of the best brands in the industry. The brand always aims to ship items as fast as possible so that users can receive their orders timely. If you have the tracking information of your order, you can easily track the status of your order by visiting the brand’s official site.

Generally, the brand aims to ship ordered items within two days to a week, and it doesn’t take more than that. At times, the products may get delivered even faster.

Easy Preparation Process and Storage Instructions

All the food item kits sold by 4Patriots come with proper preparation guidelines, and users can quickly prepare foods. Most importantly, storing 4Patriots food items is not difficult, and every 4Patriots review on the official site will testify to this fact. You must check the navy seal attached to your order while receiving it. If the seal is broken, don’t accept the order.

These unique selling points make it very special as a brand, and the company’s authorities love hearing from the users.

The operational team of 4Patriots welcomes every review related to food items or other items. The company is always trying to improve the efficiency of the food and other products to benefit users better.

Are 4Patriots Food Products and Other Products Worth Purchasing?

Yes, all the products launched by 4Patriots are worth purchasing, and there are evident reasons behind this statement. Several factors can make your daily lifestyle challenging, from natural disasters to other unexpected conditions.

In such a scenario, you may even have difficulty getting food inventories from local stores. These impeccable products can help you deal with such an unexpected condition. Be it the food items sold by the brand or other items, all the products from the brand are manufactured to support users during touch and disastrous situations.

Coming to the food items produced by 4Patriots, the shelf lives of most of these food items are up to 25 years. Naturally, you can order your preferred food items from 4Patriots and store them for disastrous situations. No other company can match 4Patriots’ level in producing emergency food.

Are 4Patriots Products TrustWorthy?

First of all, all the products manufactured by 4Patriots come with excellent packaging. The food items produced by the company are packed sincerely in laboratories certified by the FDA and the SQF. That’s why all the food items launched by the brand can be considered reliable.

Additionally, all the products from the brand are backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. While other brands fail to support their products with prolonged guarantee periods, 4Patriots does that, and that’s why the products from the brand are the safest options to buy.

If you’re unsatisfied with the performance of a 4Patriots product, you can claim a full refund within 365 days of receiving your order.

About 4Patriots

It is a reputed survival and prepping brand based in Nashville, TN. The company’s primary purpose is to develop innovative products to help users deal with real-life issues. The company’s inventories are focused on efficiently assisting buyers in dealing with accidental and unexpected situations.

4Patriots products help users master self-reliance skills during disastrous situations and similar conditions. Erin Baler and Allen Baler founded the company. Currently, 4Patriots is a company of 175+ employees, and the products produced by the brand are available in all the US states.

As mentioned earlier, the products from the brand are backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. Users are requested to contact the brand’s customer support team to claim refunds.

  • Email: help@4patriots.com
  • Phone: 800-304-4202
  • Mailing Address: 2920 Berry Hill Dr, Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37204

4Patriots Final Words

This 4Patriots review has introduced you to the brand and its products. As you have read the article, you must have understood that the brand is a leading name in producing exceptional survival food items. The brand’s excellence is equivalent to manufacturing other products too.

If you’re about to buy survival equipment, 4Patriots is the best option. The convenient shipping process, discounted rates and unmatchable products are the strengths of 4Patriots, making the brand overlap its competitors.

The brand has taken the concept of self-reliance to a different level with its incredible products, and the availability of a wide variety of products makes it a better choice. All the products from the brand are backed by a standard money-back guarantee, which is another reason why you should go for this brand.

To summarize, 4Patriots is the best survival and prepping brand available in the market. We strongly recommend our readers order their preferred products from the brand’s official site to safeguard their family members during moments of crisis.


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