Who is ROC?

Dear Editor,

The group screaming for transparency from Okanogan County Commissioners doesn’t want public to know who they are and what they really stand for. ROC declares themselves exempt from registering with the Public Disclosure Commission or reporting their donations and expenses.

My formal complaint to the state illustrates that ROC clearly aims to influence the outcome of both Okanogan County Commissioner races. Visiting the ROC website will not land you a list of board members or any other legitimate form of disclosure.

If the public wants to know who ROC is you have to research the individual who registered the website domain and his affiliations, the person who started the GoFundMe account and his affiliations and the individuals to donated to the GoFundMe account and their affiliations. Follow the money. Read the biography of their “progressive” Seattle attorney. You will find these people are tied to environmental causes like the removal of dams, reintroduction of grizzly bears and wolves, closure of public lands, and restrictions against agriculture, grazing, timber harvesting and mining.

Thirty-one percent of their GoFundMe account is from outside the county and another 29 percent came from “anonymous” donations.

Don’t Okanogan County residents deserve to know who is responsible for these vicious attacks on our local officials? Why are out of county donors interested in a local election? The name ROC (Represent Okanogan County) is a deception! Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. Sheilah Kennedy and Ray Campbell are working diligently for the people of the Okanogan.

Nicole Kuchenbuch