What's your answer?

Dear Editor,

It’s been awhile since this old coffee drinker, poured a cup of the ‘witches brew’ and shared some thoughts that have been rattling around in this head of mine. But, a few months ago I wrote something about our nation’s moral decadence and how it was actually becoming like an avalanche. I noted, at that time, that an avalanche starts with a single flake of snow that begins rolling and gains size as well as momentum. I stated that the avalanche could be stopped in the early stages but there does come a time when it is beyond being stopped. I equated that picture with the avalanche of moral depravity in our nation and I stated that perhaps we haven’t arrived at the point of no return but the snow ball is getting bigger and moving faster. The time for slowing down and stopping it is growing very short.

I equate the avalanche as being a growing snowball of sin. Now that isn’t a word many like to hear, but that’s what it is. God is a righteous judge and though His compassion shows forth He, like any rightful judge, must uphold the Law. In Biblical history one finds that God always judges sin. And so, the question for us all to wrestle with is will God judge, as He did in Biblical history, nations like Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah and not judge the United States? Or other nations currently in existence? I believe the God does not judge as to which nation is better than another; rather, God judges each nation on their own performance in light of His law. The last part of the ninth verse of the fifth chapter of James records “Behold, the Judge is standing at the door?”

When there is a knock, do we want our door opened? How do you respond? Maybe God won’t knock for a while and like in the days of Noah, give us a few more chances before He finally must send the flood. What is your answer?

The Old Coffee Drinker,

Randy Middleton