What would John Adams think?


Dear Editor,

On March 4th 1797 John Adams gave his first and only Inaugural Address. This man’s zeal for freedom from the tyranny of Great Britain’s rule is evident in the first paragraph of his address. To have another authority over the people of this land was repugnant to John Adams.

Fast forward 218 years and consider the words and philosophy of today’s Whitehouse occupant, at the U.N. General Assembly, the offscouring of Chicago attempted to appease the Muslim world by saying that: “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

My question is, can freedom loving Democrats remain comfortable with a statement like this from their guy? Or is this another one of those cases where the formative religious dogma that whirls around in Barak’s head found an exit though his mouth and is totally taken out of context? Or maybe the bigger question is, do freedom loving Democrats exist?

Will Democrats mechanically rejoice if the United Nations Small Arms Treaty is signed, because our transformational President thinks it is a good idea, regardless how contrary to the Bill of Rights it is? Both of these represent an authority that is foreign to us in one form or another.

John Adams service in securing freedom and liberty for this Nation is a testimony to his desired that these be passed on to future generations. The service of our Socialist, Progressive, Marxist, Muslim President continues to be a testimony to his desire for this country; this is why the arrest and conviction of this man would only be a small step on the journey back to the constitutional foundations John Adams helped establish.

Your July 2 cartoon with John Adams thoughts on celebrating the Fourth of July and the ban on fireworks was cute, but it seems that there is a growing ban on why we celebrate the Fourth not so much how.

Steve Lorz