What a scam

Dear Editor,

On June 6 I was involved in an accident. I was thrown from my car and suffered a broken back, pelvis, 18 of 20 ribs, a slight brain bleed, broken hand, bruised spleen and aorta. I am lucky to still be on the planet.

No one else was involved and no property was damaged. As I lay on the pavement waiting for an ambulance and in shock, the sheriff asked me if I wanted my car towed by the local towing company. I hardly was aware of what he wanted.

I thought it was a place to tow the car until I was capable of decisions.

What the sheriff neglected to tell me was that the car was being impounded at a cost of $45 a day!

Had I not been in shock laying on the pavement or the sheriff had been more honest, I would have had the car towed to my home and paid the tow fees.

I am on Social Security and cannot pay the fees involved in this profitable scam.

Friends are not allowed to see my car or assess the damage or retrieve my personal belongings unless a huge amount of money is paid. Is the sheriff in on this unethical scam?

I am in a convalescent center and cannot respond to registered letters being sent to my address by the towing company.

Will someone explain this scam to me. What about the new tires, etc., that I just saved all winter to install? What about the battery cables, blanket, search light, shovel, flat tire repair, $60 in gas, not to mention the car itself?

Obviously the car will either be repaired or parted out and sold by Thompson Bees. Either brings a large profit.

What a scam!


Marcia Hart