Vote for candidates, not against them

Dear Editor,

I have seen several letters in various papers criticizing Sen. John Smith, obviously written by supporters of his opponent, Brian Dansel. I have seen one in support of Sen. Smith which explained the source of the bizarre criticisms that have been thrown at him and his family. It says look at his Senate record and make your decision.

I have seen Sen. Smith’s voting record, the bills he authored and co-authored. I have heard him speak on KOMW’s “Live from Olympia”, one time in particular praising the “Public” schools in the 7th District for their outstanding achievement despite getting only a fraction of the money allotted to schools on the other side of the mountains, (once again proving simply throwing more money at a problem will NOT fix it!)

I have emailed him with my views on things, and asked his opinion on Constitutional and state issues. I ALWAYS get a prompt reply, as opposed to when I contact our national Senators!

I have seen practically no information on his opponent, Brian Dansel. However, as a voter I feel it is my duty to find out about him if I am to replace a Senator who appears to be doing a good job for the 7th District.

The letter from Mr. Slusher about slime-slinging politics makes a good point.

As a voter, I am to vote for candidate B simply because he is not candidate A is a well worn style of campaigning that is frankly too flimsy to make such an important decision over.

Not knocking Mr. Dansel, but that style of campaigning got us the present occupant of the White House for eight years now and we are unfortunately finding out all kind of surprises about him and his agenda.

David Wolosik