Veterans services available

Dear Editor,

Eden Valley Guest Ranch has had the privilege to provide lodging and trail rides for professionals performing services for persons with blindness. I was pleased to learn more about their services to provide devices and teach persons to use them available to veterans and non veterans at no charge. The representatives asked that I share their information with you so the Gazette-Tribune can share it with their readers.

Veterans who have low vision or blindness can receive independent living training in their homes by the VA. They must be enrolled in the VA to receive services. Kelly Golden provides instruction in all areas of daily living skills, computer training and cane training. She meets with the veteran and provides an assessment to determine the areas that they need training in, including any low vision devices that will assist them in reaching their training goals. The VA also provides low vision exams to enrolled veterans. Interested veterans may contact Kelly by email or phone listed below.

Kelly Golden, M.Ed, CLVT, COMS, CVRT, Blind Rehabilitation Specialist, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (509) 434-7214,

Non Veterans may contact Cheryl Martin at Lilac Services for a similar program. She can be reached at Lilac Services for the Blind 1-800-422-7893. Their web site is Their home page provides an overview of their program including information for persons needing assistance and also how groups or individuals can donate to support this program. It is based in Spokane and has outreach to many counties.

In this time with shrinking budgets to help persons with blindness and low income, it is wonderful to know about these programs. I hope some of your readers will benefit from this information.

Robin Stice

Eden Valley Ranch