Thanks to law enforcement


Dear Gary,

With all that is going on today in America, I wake up in the morning with a clogged mind wondering how is it we have come to this. A civilized society should never resort to violence and pure criminal activity to solve issues for “perceived” wrongs. The only thing that clears my mind is my time I spend in the Word.

We, and I say We, have turned our society into a “me” society. We have gone against God and now we turn our backs to the the very laws that our great nation was founded on. We have a constitution that a lot of our elected leaders use as a floor mat to simply wipe their muddy boots on. But there is solace where we happen to live, here in the most beautiful part of Washington, State. By that, I mean we have our law enforcement system. Our elected law officers here still believe in the constitution, we are so privileged to have highly trained and ethical law officers patrolling our streets. All the negativity toward law is mainly from the lawless.

I can sleep at night knowing that there are officers doing all they can to protect me and my property. Ive always respected our law enforcement with the same respect i give our military. To Protect and to Serve. Without them we would become an uncivilized society. It’s because of them we are able to have and maintain what is ours. When we lose that thought, we become like community’s who believe they are owed something they haven’t worked for or earned.

Hence, Ferguson, Missouri. Total lawless criminals using any excuse to pillage and plunder. Yet, any reasonable mind would know that a law was broken and the criminal paid the ultimate price. Pretty simple thinking to me. Everyday our officers hit the street, they face the same chance of paying that price. They are underpaid, and over worked, yet they continue to do it because “it matters.” They are there for “us”. not the other way around. My gratitude for them is not near what they deserve. But I make it a point to say thank you every time i get a chance. A friendly wave or a smile goes along way. Have I been stopped? yes. Have I been ticketed? yes. But a thanks is still in order. They may have just saved my life.

To All of you officers out there, I give you my thanks. Keep up the good work. Ive been lucky to meet some of these great servants. To Frank Rogers and all of the county officers a special thanks for supporting our constitution. To Dan and Troy for keeping our game laws up. To Rob, Darren, Preston. Jarrod, thanks for keeping your towns safe. All of you officers that I don’t know… I thank you.

I am not alone, your service is appreciated by many. God speed and keep you safe… Merry Christmas

Bobby G Penney Jr