Tell Congress to fund DHS budget

Dear Editor,

Our malls inside our borders have been threatened by terrorists. These same terrorist have proven they are competent in these types of attacks. One of the primary agencies that protects U.S. citizens against this type of threat is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our government is currently holding budgetary funding up for this organization over political reasons and grandstanding. Our Congress and Senate are affecting the ability and efficiency of DHS to perform its mission, which is to keep us safe. By Congress’ and the Senate’s inaction, they are aiding terrorism in its desire to succeed. It’s that simple.

Have you contacted your political representative today?

The U.S. Coast Guard is the largest agency under DHS. They protect our shores from all types of threats but more importantly terrorist threats hoping to make it to the U.S. undetected. How effective do you think they will be when they are worried about paychecks, operational costs, and financial obligations?

“The hardworking servicemen and women of the U.S. Coast Guard have received their last paycheck for the year, unless Congress acts now. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been funded under a continuing resolution since October, and its current funding runs out Feb. 27. These dedicated public servants will continue working without pay past the shutdown to ensure our safety on the sea and in our ports, our protection from threats delivered by the sea and to protect the sea itself. Asking the Coast Guard to protect us while remaining unpaid is no way to show the gratitude of the American people. The potential shut down, or even another continuing resolution, would have devastating impacts for the Coast Guard — in addition to bringing down morale, the cost of work on USCG recapitalization efforts would rise as contracts are delayed, and retirees will not receive their retirement pay. Tell Congress and the Senate to give DHS a real appropriations bill now.” (U.S. Navy League)

To all, we need your help with getting the word out about the shutting down of DHS and how many families it’s going to harm. We never left someone to die because politicians couldn’t lead or make decisions. Using DHS as a whipping tool or political ploy is ridiculous. The faithful members of this organization didn’t sign up to serve our country just so their health, financial responsibilities, and the family members they support could all be put on hold or suffer due to politicians trying to make a point. How many politicians are losing pay over this political chess? How many political members are having their credit ratings go down or interest rates on loans go up because of this issue. Please contact your elected officials today and tell them to pass the DHS budget.

Marcus Alden