Support Clint Didier for Congress

Dear Editor,

As we get closer to November, I wanted to take an opportunity to encourage my fellow citizens to support Clint Didier, running for the 4th Congressional District seat.

You might hear Clint’s opponent is “someone we can work with.” When a politician says this, what they really mean is that “we want someone we can control.” Personally, I don’t want someone the political party feels they can manipulate. The party has one agenda: protect their money and control – it’s not about the citizens. It is the people’s responsibility to direct their representative. Not the party. Clint will stand up on behalf of OUR directives.

You have probably heard Clint’s opponent “is an honest man.” Logic assumes that by stating the opponent is honest, Didier must be dishonest. I know Clint personally. He is honest and forthright – period. He may not be the best public speaker, but he is frank and passionate about his principles. Even though I may not agree with Clint, I have complete trust that he would never manipulate my discretion on an issue.

Finally, ask yourself why so much money is being dumped into a Congressional race between two Republicans in Eastern Washington. On the surface it may seem silly, but there is much at stake for the progressives. Who is the threat and why? Research who is financially supporting these candidates. Numbers don’t lie.

Check out Clint’s website to learn more: Join me in supporting someone who shares Okanogan County’s customs and culture this November.


Pamela Leslie