Some confusion in who we are

Dear Editor,

We have become aware of the fact that Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition (OCTN) is being confused with the recently placed on the ballot, Okanogan County Transportation Authority(OCTA) bus line.

We, OCTN is in no way connected with OCTA. When we were ask if we would support OCTA we informed them that the only way we would was if they would, with an open end contract with us to use our buses in conjunction with their program keeping our service as a personal service enabling our riders to retain their independence. They agreed. We are in no way connected with OCTA and their services.

Our buses do a lot for the community by allowing anyone, not just Senior Citizens, to ride our buses for a small fee. We have the ability to transport bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers and etc, to enable our citizens to remain independent and free to go to job sites, personal and professional appointments and shopping.

We are funded by Federal and State programs for seniors citizens, donations from seniors for the meals and rides, donations from the communities we serve and other grants that are available.

While we have your attention, I would like to touch on some of the meal services that we produce. All six Senior Citizen Centers in Okanogan County serve meals at least twice a week. OCTN provides the employees that work these centers and provide very tasty dinners. OCTN also manages meals for the two other counties and the support given from their counties. OCTN does an exemplary job of management for all these services that are being provided. I do want to add, our meals aren’t just served to Senior Citizens, the public is also welcome, although they will have to pay a little bit more for their meal. We welcome you at any of our centers.

We also want the people of Okanogan County to be aware of the fact that as our economy diminishes; we also are having some real funding problems as our State and Federal organizations face problems and would welcome donations from anyone. Our Senior Citizens have paid their dues and have a lot to offer to those following behind them. What we can learn from our Seniors is endless.

We at the Okanogan County Senior Citizens Association (OCSCA) as a board and delegates are proud to oversee their operations, as well as In Home Healthcare of WA and our 6 Sr Centers in Okanogan County.

Sally R Alexander

Board President OCSCA