Slusher rants and raves but offers no facts

Dear Editor,

The rants of William Slusher are usually filled with half-truths, references to “facts” that are just out and out wrong, bigotry and simplistic thinking that defies logic but he exceeded even himself in “Taxation Vexation.”

Beginning with an quote from an anti-democratic philosopher in 1750 who wrote extensively against any government by the people I assume Slusher believes like wise. Such a belief diminishes any credibility for citizens who hold to “government by the people.”

“Slavery is often confused as being the cause of the Civil War.” “Confused” – I don’t believe one

could find any recognized competent Civil War scholar who would be the least bit “confused.” Without a doubt all would informed Slusher that Slavery was the primary cause and reason for the Civil War. I could give him several sources to go to such as the Constitution of the Confederate States to begin with but I doubt if he is actually interested in learning anything not in keeping with his far right wing philosophy.

“Free Stuff.” What is “Free Stuff” exactly? Never details just the rants of a man totally at odds with our country and citizens. “Parasite voter plantation, the NAACP (and drug cartels?), foreign criminals, Obama compared to “communism” – racism, hate and delusion. Slusher’s world must be an awful place to live in.

There is so much more but last and not least – “liberals have demeaned defense, cut its funding…” Is he aware over one-half of our national budget goes to the military and the U.S. spends more on the military than all other countries in the world put together? Who is cutting the military? I guess he figures we can all pay for even more spending after he gets all of us paying more sales tax (flat tax) on everything we buy. He claims “corporations pay most” (taxes)?!? I would love to see where he pulled that dishonest “fact” from because it is just not true!

Why doesn’t Slusher save the Gazette-Tribune and himself a lot of trouble by just sending a template outlining his columns – “Taxes Bad – Foreigners Bad – Poor People Bad – Anyone not White Bad – Corporations Good – Corporate (“Makers”) Welfare Good – Regressive Taxes Good – it would make it all so much easier for him wouldn’t it?

William F. Johnston