Shame on Congress

Dear Editor,

Congress does it again. They took a five-week recess in August to campaign, went back to DC Sept, 8th. Now another recess days later to campaign.

What is wrong with Congress? The ISIS threat is on the table, our President needs backing on this explosive situation. There are Congressional Bills requiring attention, where is Congress, on vacation to campaign.

Is Congress thinking about the threat of another war? Are they thinking about the thousands of our veterans who need help? Is the VA scandal settled? No to these issues and many others.

If we have another war and troops are once again boots on ground, more of our men and women in uniform will die, more will come home broken. Bills that need attention to help our veterans are being sat on, for example an important House Bill HR-543 the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Agent

Orange Act is stalled in committee. What sound advice is Congress giving the President of the terrorist group ISIS?

All Congress is doing is thinking of themselves for the November election. What about our veterans, are they not worth concern and the American people’s concerns, do we all not have a say so?  It is shameful!

Stand up America and be counted, voice your opinion. Let Congress know what you think is best.

John J. Bury, U.S. Navy retired

Media, Pennsylvania