Seeking reelection to PUD board

Dear Editor,

To the Citizens of Okanogan County: I, David Womack, am announcing that I am running for re-election for Commissioner of Okanogan County Public Utility District #1.

I feel that with the issues the PUD faces, the people of Okanogan County need to have a commissioner who is willing to make informed tough decisions, as well as a commissioner who will look not only at the needs of today but at future needs as well.

While I make no promise that there will not be rate increases, I have and will do absolutely everything I possibly can to see that it only happens after we have made any and all necessary cuts. I have always kept in mind how rates will affect my friends, my family as well as your friends and family.

With the help of good surplus power sales we were able to hold off increasing rates for the first 8 years of my term as your PUD Commissioner. Because surplus power sales have been significantly reduced over the last several years, I have been faced with making some difficult decisions regarding budget cuts and rate increases. My goal is to try to maintain the level of service to which our customers are accustomed. As PUD Commissioner, I feel it is necessary to strive to deliver safe, reliable power to our customers at a reasonable rate.

I plan on running an energetic and honest campaign and hope that I will have an opportunity to visit with as many of you as possible.

Thank you for you time,

David A. Womack