Romney a shape shifter

Dear Gary,

The morphable, shape-shifting, double-faced, ash pants, Pinocchio style Romney just might take the grand prize. If enough people who don’t care about facts vote for him, he will be our commander and thief.

If he could just make the low life, lazy 47 percent (150 million Americans!) accountable, what a better life we can all have. The real sad thing is that a good chunk of his supporters are part of the 150 million he disdains so much. Come on folks, don’t be stupid, he means some of you!

He’s not worried about health care for the millions of uninsured, he is concerned about wealth care for the upper crust.

He is so vague on his policies because they will scrape bottom. Stimulate small business? Lower minimum wage. Reduce the deficit? Get rid of Earned Income Credits and Child Tax Credits for struggling families. Strengthen the military? Start a war, a real “good” one with multiple countries involved. Haliburton deserves their billions and billions created by the war machine, don’t ya think?

There is plenty of American blood to go around. All capable men 18 to 53 years old are registered for the draft. That’s a lot of soldiers if needed. And as par, the rich kids will be exempt.

The morning after election night, if Romney is victorious, he can wake up and say “I’m a real boy!”

Thanks much,

Dan Dixon