Regarding EMTs resignations


Dear Editor,

RE: Letter to the Editor from Betty Roberts: In your Letter to the Editor on September 24th, you stated that (the EMTs were disgruntled because it was taking so long for the powers that be to get a new program going to help them in their low numbers). You also stated that (we did have a plan on the table to put in motion….), who are we? Do you mean you (one of the rural commissioner/advisory board members) and the city of Oroville, or just the rural commissioner/advisory board?

Back in January when the city had a meeting with the EMTs and rural members, the Mayor stated how important it was to have communication. So I would like to know where all this communication was. The only communication we had with you was at the first Thursday rural meeting after we gave the city our proposal, was that (the city has no intention in considering our proposal because we wanted Michael Green in charge.) I had informed you and the rural board members that this is not our intention. I do not remember the rural commissioner/advisory board or the city ever setting up a meeting with us about putting this plan in motion, or about our proposal. All we would ever hear from the Mayor at the regular city council meeting was (no new information or no update). So tell me Betty, why was it so hard for anyone from Rural or the City to sit down and talk to us? How long where we suppose to wait? I believe this is what is call a one -sided conversation. I think it is time for some changes.

Paul Bouchard