PUD 'rate adjustment'

Dear Editor,

I got m PUD bill Saturday: $61.80. A bit surprised I read their little message box: “This statement reflects the September rate adjustment.”

This adjustment was actually a 50 percent increase ($21.64) over August’s bill!

Seems I remember some scuttlebutt from a few years ago how PUD users would have to pay rates comparable to those across the nation (14 cents/KWH Alaska; 18 cents Mississippi, etc.)

Well we didn’t have steady rate increases, but went to a basic charge, followed by cost of power adjustment then got slapped with our old KWH charge of 4-1/3 cents on top. Now if you add all of that, divide by the KWH usage (mine was 584), my cost was 10.6 cents per KWH!

Now I”m wondering if I’ll be reading that little message box in October: “This statement reflects the October rate adjustment.”

Salley Bull