Our biggest cheerleaders

Dear Editor,

As a coach of the Tonasket middle school volleyball team, I want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to a set of parents who have been ardent supporters all season: Craig and Sharon Loftus of The Fathers Ranch.

These parents, though they homeschool their daughter, attend every volleyball match and support every single young woman on the team. Craig and Sharon are our biggest cheerleaders. They support the players, coaches and bus drivers, going so far as bringing us Subway sandwiches, pizzas, and treats for our bus trips. To top it off, they have blessed our team with their daughter who is an athletic, kind, coachable team player.

Craig and Sharon’s involvement extends far beyond the volleyball team. They support every sport, every kid, and our community as a whole.

Thank you Loftus family for blessing our team and our community with your love and light.

Pam Leslie