Oroville made the right decision

Dear Gary,

Thank You Mayor Spieth and the Oroville City Council members for making the difficult decision to sign a temporary agreement with LifeLine for providing emergency aid transport services to our area. I totally trust the Mayor, Council and EMS District #1 reps will continue to work diligently towards a positive permanent solution for our community. I realize that their decision was no doubt a difficult one, but I certainly understand why…. After all, how sound of a decision would the City Council be making

by simply agreeing to an ultimatum issued by this group whose spokesman has never even served on the Oroville Ambulance Department! I would have been completely enraged with our city officials if they would have agreed to what appears to be an “our way or the highway” option presented by this group.

The news article in the July 23’d Gazette-Tribune gave me the impression that this group expects the city to just abolish the Oroville Ambulance Service, (which was created by Ordinance #376 in 1982), and to turn over operations, along with all the city’s levy tax money and revenues (expecting the EMS District to do the same) to the “North Star” Ambulance Service, which is apparently still in the process of being formed. Does this group also expect the City and EMS District #1 to just turn over the ambulances, ambulance hall and all equipment? There was no evidence that “North Star” has retained proper legal counsel; obtained proper insurances (vehicle, general liability, operational, etc.) and all necessary permits; that all attending personnel have the certified training required by state law; that they have fully equipped their “Ballard” donated ambulance; or that they had the qualified experience to administrate such an undertaking. There is a whole lot more to operating an ambulance service than just manning the ambulance.

I also got the impression that “North Star” would use the levy monies to pay their salaries… sounds like they are trying to create full time jobs for themselves! More importantly, if in fact they have accomplished all of the above, where did they obtain the necessary funds to pay for it?

The article also reported that Chris Allen made the statement that the city misused a donation of $70,000 towards the purchase of the newest ambulance, which is absolutely untrue! But, even if part of that donation had been used towards the purchase of the newest ambulance, so what? That was why the donation was made… to help support the Oroville Ambulance Service! And the decision on how to spend this donation is made by the Oroville City Council during their Budget Process.

The public most certainly has the right to make suggestions, but the Council makes the final decision.

In all the years I’ve known and worked with Mayor Spieth, not once have I ever seen him behave in the manner as described by Mr. Allen… and apparently, no one else attending this same meeting witnessed Chuck behaving as described either.

In closing, I extend a sincere thank you to those Ambulance Department members that served our community throughout the years. Unfortunately, when they resigned, I would expect that they lost any future city contributions towards their BVFF Board for Volunteer Firefighters and Reserve Workers pension that the city has paid on their behalf as part of their compensation throughout the years. But, submitting their resignations was their choice.

And Kudo’s to Betty Roberts and Arnie Marchand for also helping to set straight a few facts.

I know space is limited, so will close for now.


Kathy M. Jones